Welcome To Allotment Gardening In North Essex.

Video tutorials and recipes from my allotment garden including allotment blogs

Have a Great New Gardening Year for 2017.

What's New:

  1. Recipes - Uploaded recipes from older website in pdf form for you to download. The links can be found in the video section. I have started to produce recipes in video form. - See Video - " At Home In The Kitchen" latest video uploaded 02-03-16 and 04-03-16 " Vegetable and Bacon Toad " and " Jalousie "
  2. Planning - updated 09-01-17 "2017 plan". and "planted to date" updated for 2017. New links to Updated versions of both plans Seed/Plant plans and notes.
  3. Blog - updated 17-03-17: First Early Potatoes Planted In Bags
  4. Tips and Tricks - 12-04-16 New Video Uploaded "Sowing and Planting Peas" - See Video - " From the Allotment Shed"
  5. Tours - Allotment Tours are in the video section -" Allotment Tours" Latest video uploaded 31-12-16 for December
  6. Calendar and To Do List section is now found on the "Blog" page
  7. About - My background, useful links, and reference materials I use.
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Blog Section

The day to day activities that take place on the allotment are recorded here and they go back too 2006 which can be found in the achieve section ( archive section still to be made responsive). The Blog section also contains a Calendar of Allotment tasks that can be completed during each month. As of January 2016 I have also added my personal plan of action to be achieved each month.

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Video Section

This section is in three parts:

  1. Part one "Allotment Tours" shows a monthly tour of the allotment starting in 2013 when I redesigned the allotment to start using the Square Foot Gardening method.
  2. The second section "At Home In The Kitchen" contains Recipes that I have recorded on video. In most cases the main ingredient of each recipe has been grown and harvested from the allotment.
  3. The Third section "From The Allotment Shed" contains information that you may find useful including planting guides general trips and tricks on planning and running an allotment

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Planning Section

This section deals with my planning process and shows details of what, how and where I am going to grow my crops each year, and also what actually was planned and where it was planted. To help with this I use an online planning programme called " Grow Veg.com Garden Planner" Here you will also find the planting times, seed and plant lists that will or have been used.

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About Section

This last section gives an out line of me, where my allotment is situated and an overview of the allotment. You will also find some useful links and any reference materials that I use.