Allotment Blog December 2006

Weekending 03.12.06

I decided to have a week off from the allotment this week so that I could do some work around the house. So on Monday I took some old furniture down the local tip and then helped someone out with their computer problems. I then cleared out the garage so that the car had a home for the winter and sent the garden furniture on holiday to the shed. We had a brand new television delivered last week and guess what, this week it does not work.

Tuesday, spend some time on the computer planning my planting plan for next year. So if you click on each bed in the plots section it will take you to my bed planting plan for that bed.

Wednesday, spent the morning pruning the trees and plants at home and took the trimmings down the local tip. I then transplanted some bushes ready for next year.

Thursday, I am typing up what you are reading just now and waiting for the new replacement television to arrive. I will continue to work on the planting plan for next year ready to upload on Monday. I am also wondering what recipe to cook this week, I am away over the weekend so I need to pull my finger out. I decided to cover the topic of composting in tips and tricks so I completed that by Thursday night.

We had a good weekend away and arrived back on Sunday evening, I didn't fancy cooking the recipe, so I did that Monday morning before uploading this weeks web updates. -onday night is the allotment Christmas. party which we are looking forward to. So that's

Weekending 17.12.06

Another week away from the allotment other than picking a few fresh vegetables and putting my kitchen waste into my compost bin. I am looking through the seed catalogues at the moment trying to decide on what varieties of seed to purchase.

I have added another recipe, a bit different this time, its to do with Christmas. My mince pies. I know they will not all last until Christmas. as I have eaten some already, still I can always make some more. I hope you find it useful.


Weekending 10.12.06

I had another week off from the allotment this week only visiting to pick leeks, cabbages, and Brussels sprouts. There was a little wind damage to my Brassicas protection which I fixed with a club hammer. The two main reasons for not working at the allotment are, 1., it is very wet at the allotment and 2, there is no need for me to do jobs down there urgently. There are plenty of jobs to do but I can leave them until the spring.
Although In January I will go and prune my fruit trees and bushes. Next week I will Look at what varieties of seed to purchase, so I might have something to say on that topic.
The allotment #hristmas. party was on last Monday night. It was packed out with 70 people, the food was very good and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. As its the site's 80th Birthday next year we are looking forward to a special party.