Allotment Blog October 2006

Week ending 22.10.06

Well what's happened this week?

As far as the allotment is concerned I have done very little this week. One of the main reasons has been the weather, rain, rain and you guessed, it rained. The other reason is, I have been setting up this web site, and learning how to do it at the same time, so please excuse any web site no no's.

I have been mainly picking beans, raspberries and the odd cabbage, but here's the best bit, Purple sprouting Broccoli, which is normally ready, as you know late winter early spring. I put it down to the weather. I just hope it produces new shoots for March. The weather has been a lot warmer here than usual with very little rain,

I hope you like the gallery pictures I think it gives a fair overview of the allotments I am using, and the work that still has to be done before next spring .

The main aim before next year is to clear one plot of any remaining fruit.. This means digging up the old autumn and summer raspberries and using some of the roots to improve the new raspberry beds I have already planted up, filling in the gaps.

This will give me a full plot of fruit and one for vegetables.

The vegetable plot will then be split into six beds three by 20ft x 20ft and three 4ft x 20 ft.

I prefer growing in four foot beds but I find growing potatoes better in larger beds and to keep rotation going I am going to use the three year cycle

i.e. Potatoes followed by Brassicas and then Other.

Well that's it for now I will try and produce proposed plan of the plots for next weeks blog.

Week ending 29.10.06

Main theme this week has been clearing and preparing my fruit beds for next year.

StrawberryWell its Wednesday morning and they said that it would not rain until this afternoon, so off I trot to the plots to finish cleaning up the new autumn raspberry bed.
I just got started, and it rained, anyway I carried on and finished weeding and removing the couch grass from around the canes. While I was doing this guess what, I found, that's right a strawberry at the end of October.

Why a new raspberry bed?

I have two plots and I thought it would be a good idea to have fruit and permanent crops all together on one plot. This way I can keep the immediate area around the fruit bushes and trees etc clear and let the rest of the plot go to grass keeping down the maintenance, and cutting the grass when required.

So in November 2005 I transplanted half of my summer and Autumn raspberries, this way I could give them time to mature before I needed to use them in 2007.

So today after I cleaned up the bed, I transplanted five more raspberry canes in the space where some of the autumn raspberries did not take.
When the older raspberries stop fruiting I will dig them and give them away to anyone that would like them. Then I can clear the bed ready for next year's crops.

Thursday, what a fantastic morning, sun shining and very warm. I continued in the same vein as yesterday, this time on the summer raspberry bed. My tips and tricks this week will be about clearing beds and transferring and planting raspberry canes.

Friday another excellent morning at the allotment plenty of sun. Still on the fruit theme I worked on my Blackberry, Loganberry, Tayberry bushes, cutting out this years fruiting canes and tying up this years new growth ready for next year.

Its interesting, since I started this web site I have been keen to do jobs down the allotment so that I have something to write about. Its given me a greater enthusiasm for the allotment, so that's a good thing.

I am still picking raspberries and runner beans. Beans