Allotment Blog April 2007

Weekending 01.04.07

A fantastic day on Monday, so I went to the allotment and planted my early peas that I sowed in the guttering. See tips and tricks week 22 to see what I did. It took about 3 minutes to plant the peas and another two hours to protect against the birds and wind.

Tuesday was another nice day so I rotovated part of bed two where I was to plant my early potatoes. I then planted two rows of early potatoes. I then removed the last of my brussels sprouts and cleaned up the area, ready for digging and later rotavating ready for the rest of my potato crop.

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I am planting my potatoes in bed two and my Brassicas in bed three. I have updated the beds section to reflect this change. As I plant and sow in the beds I will add the dates to the crops listed in the bed section, this will be useful to monitor growing times etc ready for planting next year.

Thursday I rotovated beds four, five and six ready for sowing and planting.

Weekending 15.04.07

I rotovated plots 4, 5, and 6 ready for sowing. When I next went to the allotment which was last week these three plots were set like concrete, so I was still not able to sow my carrots and parsnips so I waited until Sunday of last week to use our large rota vat or and rotovated all the remaining beds.

Monday I went down the allotment with my wife and we planted our spring cabbages, and our early cauliflowers covering them with protection from the pigeons. Then we planted our onions, which we had sown from seed earlier in the year.

Tuesday I sowed my parsnips and carrots at long last and covered them with fleece to give them some protection from the cold nights we have been having. This also stops the birds scratching around. I then added bamboo canes to support my tomatoes and cucumbers that will be planted in the greenhouse later.

I went to the allotment later in the week just to water as its been dry as a bone.

Weekending 22.04.07

cucumbers in greenhouseAnother very dry week in this area. I had a couple of visits to the allotment in the early part of the week, mainly to water the crops that are growing at the moment.

On Wednesday I decided to transplant my 'Bigboy' tomatoes into the ground in the greenhouse at the allotment. I also I took two of my cucumbers that were growing up the net curtains at home and plant them in the greenhouse at the allotment.

Tomatoes and lettuce in greenhouseOn Saturday I planted the rest of my potatoes into the potato bed, see tips and tricks section for more detail.

One of my cucumbers looks very sorry for itself as you can see from the picture below. The tomatoes have taken OK so I will see how it goes over the next few days. I have just sown some more cucumbers to grow in the greenhouse so I have backup if required.

Updated the information in Bed two and the greenhouse.

Weekending 29.04.07

Peas in bloomVisited the allotment several times this week mainly to water. The peas that were sown in guttering are well and truly in bloom.

Two of the tomatoes I planted in the greenhouse at the allotment have died due to ants so I have dusted with ant powder and will replant next week. The cucumber that looked like it was dying has died, so again I will replant next week.

Ants killing tomato plantsI cut the grass at the allotment and strimmed the edges. I re-greased my grease bands to stop ants and bugs. I will spray the trees in May.

I picked 15lb of rhubarb, gave some to a neighbour, the rest about 12lb, I turned into Rhubarb fool by multiplying up last weeks recipe I made 48 yogurt pots which I have frozen down to use later in the year. I tend to do that with all my excess fruit, I cook it down and freeze it in saved yogurt pots. I will give you the recipes when I get around to picking and cooking the fruit. I do make jam and preserves but do not eat much jam so I have still got jam from three years ago.

asparagus seroundedI have put together May's Calendar of things to do in May in the Allotment Calendar section.

I have been picking Asparagus this week, unfortunately I have more couch grass than asparagus. So I picked most of the asparagus covered the small immature asparagus and then sprayed the couch grass with roundup. At this stage this is the best way to deal with it. I was thinking of starting the asparagus bed again. I will try weed killing it for a while and see what happens.

Painted the greenhouse with whitewash watered and cut the tops off of my broad beans to stop the blackfly.

Greenhouse whitewashed