Allotment Blog February 2007

Weekending 04.02.07

cabbage protectionWent to the allotment on Wednesday and it was a bright warm day. I tidied up my cabbage bed, removing all old stumps and leaves. I re-shaped the protection barrier to make it half its original size.

I then put some fertilizer and 2-3 in of compost over my asparagus bed. On Thursday I dug over where the cabbage protection used to be, ready for later in the year.

Broad bean flower

I composted part of bed 1 and covered with plastic sheets, to warm up the soil ready to sow my early peas in mid February

I then noticed that my broad beans are in flower in January, whatever next.

On Friday the seeds I ordered from Kings arrived, so I checked them and they were all present and correct. I hope to get to the allotment to cut the grass as it seems to be growing early this year, I wonder why?

Weekending 11.02.07

Seeds sownI had a week off the allotment this week due to the wet weather and unlike the rest of the country we had very little snow just a dusting which soon disappeared. I decided to do some work in my greenhouse at home, sowing some vegetable and flower seeds, the vegetables for me and the flowers for the wife. I have sown some early peas in some guttering to give me an early start, some carrots in a large pot to give me some early carrots. I planted some more early potatoes in a pot. Sown my main crop of red and white onions in seed trays, some beetroot and all year round cauliflower in modules. My three varieties of tomatoes I have sown in pots. I have details of the vegetable sowing in the tips section this week.

Weekending 18.02.07

Had a trip to the allotment on Tuesday and a beautiful day it was too. I mainly spent time removing the broccoli plants that I have been picking since October. This enabled me to re size the pigeon protection. I am only protecting the rest of the brussels sprouts, which allowed me to mark out the final part to bed three, ready for later in the season.

jiffy pellets placed in water to soak

The rest of the week I spent in the greenhouse at home sowing and pricking out the seedling from last weeks sowing, see tips and tricks.

I sowed my early cucumbers using Jiffy Pellets. To use these pellets soak them in water until they are soft and about 3 times their original size. Allow to drain off excess moisture and sow the seed into the top hole of the pellet. I had four cucumber seeds so I placed one seed in each pellet, with each seed sown on its side to help stop seed from rotting

Weekending 25.02.07

Peas shootingA very wet allotment this week so I carried on pricking out any seeds, that had germinated in the greenhouse at home.

My peas that were sown in guttering two weeks ago, are just showing their heads.

I started my recipe dish on Sunday took all the pictures and served the cooked dish. I was about to set it up on the website, when I noticed I have done this recipe before. So back to the drawing board I went, and knocked-up some scones on Sunday afternoon.