Allotment Blog March 2007

Weekending 04.03.07

Another rather wet week at the allotment. I only went to the allotment to pick some vegetables, cabbage, brussels sprouts, leeks and some broccoli. The green house at home is steadily getting full of small vegetable plants. My potatoes I planted in pots in week 13 are just showing their green leaves. The carrots I had sown in a large pot are now showing. So things are now starting to move along. I have still plenty of seedlings to prick out from the sowing I did a couple of weeks ago.

Support added to broad beansI completed the "Jobs that can be tackled this month " in the Calendar section for March, which shows that there is still plenty of sowing and planting to do.

I managed to get to the allotment today (Sunday) It was nice this morning. I managed to sow a 10 ft row of early peas ( see tips and tricks ) and added some support to my broad beans just before the rain came. I did want to sow my parsnips but the ground was too wet and they would most probably rot if I had tried it. I will have to wait until it dries up a bit.

Weekending 11.03.07

Went to the allotment today and sowed some lettuce, radish and spring onions around the edge of the beds in the greenhouse. It was still too wet to get the parsnips in. The other year I had sown my parsnips in toilet rolls to give them a start, it worked out well, I wish I had saved some toilet rolls this year, but I didn't so that's that.

I am still pricking out seedlings and potting up plants at home and all is doing well at the moment. My tomatoes and early cucumbers are doing well.

Some of my plants growing in the greenhouse and on the windowsill at home
Spring cabbages carrots potatoes Potatoes chitting tomatoes peas

Weekending 18.03.07

I managed to cut the grass paths and my fruit area grass on Wednesday. Its amazing how cutting grass always makes the place look neat and clean.
I sowed some spring onions and radishes directly in the ground in the greenhouse at the allotment.
On Thursday I composted my potato plot ready for rotavating later in the month. I have decided to plant the potatoes in plot two instead of plot three, and plant my brassicas in plot three instead of plot two. I will need to alter the bed plans, I will do that today.
I also gave my shed its annual clean up and have now got a clear bench to clutter up again. I transplanted some 'winter density' lettuce into the greenhouse ground at the allotment to give us some early lettuce.
Saturday I finished composting my potato bed, and I removed my cabbage protection and pulled up my last cabbages. The ground has a thick hard crust on its surface due to the heavy rain we have had and its almost impossible to hoe off any young weeds. I hope I will be able to rotavate the ground ready for planting potatoes later this month..

Weekending 25.03.07

I had a great morning at the allotment on Thursday. I dug the area where my cabbages were, that dug easily. I then hoed bed one around my Broad Beans, Garlic and early peas. The peas I planted a couple of weeks ago are showing their heads. Then I added compost to bed one ready to rotavate in, before sowing my main crop peas, Dwarf French beans and Runner beans. I added leaf mould to bed five where I'm going to sow my carrots and parsnips. The soil is a little compacted from the rains, but I hope to rotavate within the next few days.

On Friday I took my peas sown in guttering, spring cabbages and early cauliflower down to the allotment ready to plant in the ground. It was so windy and started to rain so I left them in the greenhouse at the allotment and came home. Hopefully I will plant them next week.

I placed my cucumbers that have been growing on the windowsill at home into my home green house as they are a little spindly and left them there over night. When I looked at them in the morning they were floppy, hanging over the pot, I thought that I had lost them being too cold, so I brought them indoors again and at this moment, Monday morning they are rejuvenating themselves, so I was lucky.