Allotment Blog May 2007

Weekending 20.05.07

tidy allotmentWell I'm back. We have been away on a walking holiday in Somerset . Beautiful scenery, but we had more than our fair share of rain, so it kind of put a damp squib on the walking part of it.



Tidy plot 2I put off sowing the rest of my seeds for pumpkin, winter brassicas, sweet corn, courgettes etc until I came back from holiday. So that was my first task this week. I like to sow in pots and modules and then plant in situ. The French and runner beans I have sown, a dozen of each in modules to give me a start, the rest of my beans I will sow directly in the ground so that they mature a little later.

greenhouse lettuce and tomatoesI left a weed free dry arid allotment and came back to a weed infested rain soaked allotment, but because of the rain, about an inch a day while we were away apparently, the soil was in excellent workable condition.

I have still got a problem with ants in the greenhouse, apart from that the "Bigboy" tomatoes and cucumbers are growing well.

My pea pods are swelling nicely and I have picked a few pounds of broad beans.

lettuce and beetrootSo this week I planted out some lettuce and beetroot, hoed the weeds off all the vegetable beds, and I cut the grass paths, and fruit section, so it looks all neat and tidy again.

Although I used round-up on the asparagus bed, its still full of couch grass.

Weekending 27.05.07

Cucumbers just starting to growAnt problem seems to have been sorted by repeatedly dusting greenhouse with ant powder.

On the left are my cucumbers just staring to show growth

Removed the fleece from my carrots and parsnips, I can't see any carrots and about 50% of parsnips are showing. Expecting rain this weekend and next week so I will re-sow once the ground has softened up again.

LettuceI put up my runner bean canes and planted some runner beans in situ. ready for the rain this weekend. Added information to Plots bed

My wife likes to just come and pick a selection of lettuce leaves so most of our lettuces are grown like this, started off in modules and the planted up into large pots.

Picked some more broad beans ready for this weeks recipe "Broads Beans in parsley sauce"

Below are courgettes, sweet corn and beans, showing their heads above the soil after being sown last week

young courgettesSweetcorn