Allotment Blog November 2007

Weekending 18.11.07

I have not done to much down the allotment over the past couple of weeks.

I managed to get the grass cut and dig over Bed one ready for next Spring.

Over the next few weeks I intend to complete the digging of Beds two, four, five and six. Complete the tieing up of this year fruit growth on the blackberry bushes. Prune my hard fruit trees and bushes: apple, pear, black currant and gooseberry. Spray and give a winter wash,and put geese around my fruit trees and bushes.

I am not growing any over winter vegetables this winter i.e. onions, garlic and broad beans. I will plant some in modules in early spring in the greenhouse and transfer, on to allotment in spring. I will just need to visit the allotment for picking my brassicas and leeks when required.

This will give me more time with my Linux shop which is doing quite well anyway keeping me busy.

I am also in the process of re-designing this Allotment web site. I am starting a new year of information and hopefully including some different sections including flash animation, video and a pod cast. I am hoping to have this up and running by January. I will then switch over to the new site.

You might be interested in knowing that we are still eating fresh tomatoes from the allotment in the middle of November, that's not bad is it?

Weekending 26.11.07

eds being dug overI had a couple of trips to the allotment this week and started digging Bed two ready for next spring. If the weather stays like it is at the moment, I should be able to finish my digging next week. I picked some nice leeks and cabbages ready for cooking during the week.


Below is one of my Romanesco ready for picking. I will cook this during next week and show a recipe for the dish I make from it.

As you can see from the picture above, I have completed bed one and are now about a third of the way through bed two.

I have started designing the new website for 2008 and am learning a lot of new things about web design, which I hope to put into practice in the new site. If there are any new sections you would like to see please email me to let me know , and I will try and accommodate them.