Allotment Blog February 2008

Week ending 03.02.08

Well a new month has started and what have I done this week down the allotment, absolutely nothing. I must admit we had some visitors which I could not politely leave and Saturday and Sunday where far too windy and I was rather busy at home. The only thing I managed to do was set out my seed potatoes for chitting. I have been working on the next pod cast with a friend of mine from the allotment, but we had a few problems, so I will upload as soon as I can.

I had to repair some of my recipes as some where missing pictures and the links were not all correct. I added new pictures to the leek and potato soup recipe as the original only had text.

Week ending 17.02.08

I apologize for not uploading a diary entry for last week but I was up to my eyes in it at home having a bathroom refitted and things never run smoothly, every bit of plumbing had to be relaid to accommodate the changes, plus the choosing and buying of tiles and bathroom furniture. So this week hopefully the bathroom will not need any input from me, and I can get back to the allotment.

At long last I'm back at the allotment, it's Monday and a bright frosty morning was had by all. The first job I did was to plant my garlic. I decided to plant half directly into the ground and the other half I have started in pots to give them a flying start and will plant them out in March.

I picked the last of my romanesco and had my fist pickings of Broccoli. The space that was left by my Romanesco and autumn cabbages was then dug over, ready for planting my Broad beans.

Beans area coveredIn the afternoon I potted up my garlic cloves into individual pots ready for planting out in March.

Tuesday was another fantastic bright day when I visited the allotment. As the ground was cold where I was going to sow my broad beans, I decided to cover them with compost and then cover with a membrane to allow the area to warm up ready to plant in March. Rhubarb coveredAs you can see from the image. When this job was done I then composted and covered my rhubarb to force its growth ready for an early picking. As illustrated by the picture with the green bin. Note that these are different rhubarb plants than the ones I forced last year, Its not a good idea to force the same plants each year as they will run out of energy and will not grow and develop properly.

Raspberries cutbackFebruary is an ideal month for cutting back your autumn raspberries, so that was my next job cutting them back to 2-3in above ground level. This is illustrated by the before and after photos on the left

I finished off the morning by doing some general digging and tidying up of some of the beds.

My seeds arrived from Marshalls last week so I will need to sit down and fine tune my planning for this growing season. As I plant and sow I will update my planting plans to show the planting and sowing dates.

The rest of the week was taken up with bathroom duties, cutting the lawn and gardening at home and finally completing the growing garlic video, which I hope you find useful.

Week ending 24.02.08

Not much happening down the allotment this week. visited on two occasions only to do a little digging. It is still hectic at home with the bathroom being remodelled. The garlic I sowed in pots is showing their heads, and my potatoes are chitting well as you can see from the picture on the right. chitting potatoes

I had a good look at my seeds and will be sowing the following during next week:

  • Capsicums hot and spicy in modules
  • Sweet peppers in moduals
  • Cucumber Burpless tasty green in pots
  • Peas Kelvedon wonder in guttering
  • Radishes directly into the allotment greenhouse floor