Allotment Blog April 2012


I visited the allotment this morning for a short time. I gave the three asparagus beds a weed and then watered them. I then watered all other seeds and plants.

Monday 2nd April

Another week starting but how long will this weather last, they keep talking about snow. I was going to plant my main potatoes today but I decided to leave it for another week just in case the weather changes. So I dug two trenches across the middle plot and added compost to get it ready for my Runner beans which will be planted later in the year. Had a cup of tea and a chat with another allotment member, and then watered the plot again. All this watering and it 's not even summer yet.

Seeds sown on my windowsill

Wednesday 3rd April

The rain arrived at last over Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning. I took a short trip to the allotment in the afternoon just to water the greenhouse seedlings and the sun was shining again. The seeds in the seed bed under the enviromesh are showing, so they will need to be thinned out some time over the next few days.

Saturday 7th April

Seedbed seedlings showing  and new seeds plantedVisited the allotment this morning there has been no real rain since last Tuesday/Wednesday. so still quite dry.
I watered the greenhouse. ( no sign of my tomato seeds germinating yet), I may have sown them too early, we will wait and see. I then sowed the next set of brassicas seeds under the enviromesh, these were Broccoli (Early Purple Blend), Broccoli (Romanesco), Cabbage (Alaska Savoy), Cabbage (Duncan) and Kale (Redbor). As you may be able to see from the image on the left the earlier sown seedlings are showing and will need thinning out soon. I then decided to pick some asparagus, just enough for a taster, I will bake them in a little butter for my tea, see recipe: Baked Asparagus

Tuesday 10th April

Just a quick visit this afternoon, just to check to make sure all is well at the allotment. The only job I did was to water the seedlings in the greenhouse. I added a comments section at the bottom of my home page so that any visiter to this site can leave comments suggestions etc. I have also added notes to the seed lists in the planting plans section via the links to

Saturday 21st April

We have been away on a short camping break for the past week so no work was carried out at the allotment. This morning I returned to the allotment and gave the seedlings in the greenhouse a water they were rather on the dry side. The tomato seed has taken, thank goodness. The second sowing in the seed bed has started showing and all looks well. The carrots and beetroot are showing but no parsnips as yet. I managed to plant five rows of potatoes three Pink Fir Apple, and two rows of Desiree. I will plant the other main crop on my next visit. My onion sets arrived but were not the ones ordered So I will now be sowing Red Baron and not Hyred. These will also be sown on my next visit. Finally I picked a good 1 1/2 Kilo of fat asparagus.

Sunday 22nd April

Finished Planting the rest of my main crop potatoes including, two rows of King Edwards and One and half rows of Maris Piper. Had a rest with a cup of tea and a chat to other allotment holders. I then planted my Red Baron onion sets (115) and covered in fleece to protect from birds until established. planted some plants in pots in the greenhouse for my home garden. Then went home for lunch.

Monday 23rd April

Had a great morning at the allotment. I cut the lawn paths, planted some lettuce in the cold frame which were started in the greenhouse . Then it was time for a cup of tea and a chat. After my tea I pricked out some little gem lettuce into individual pots. The tomatoes were also pricked out into pots. I then sowed my courgettes and cucumber seeds into individual pots.

Friday 27th April

Made a quick visit to the allotment today to make a little more room in the greenhouse ready for some more sowing. The plot looks OK and we had plenty of rain during the week. I removed the cover from my onion sets so I hope the birds leave them alone. Trimed the grass path edges had a cup of tea then went home.