Allotment Blog August 2012

Thursday 2nd

Crops picked tonight

It was a beautiful evening so Lilian and I visited the allotment tonight. Firstly we had a good walk around checking for any problems, like blight or wind damage to the crops, all were fine. So we picked a selection of crops including, Lettuce, Beetroot, Runner beans and French beans, Courgettes, Cucumber, Calabraise, and some Coriander. Lilian did some weeding while I did some watering and then we called it a night. The picture illustrates what we picked this evening.

Sunday 5th

Visited the allotment this morning with Lilian and we picked a selection of crops the same types as on Thursday. We then watered the plot and the greenhouse. Then went home and because of the volume of produce we decided to freeze down Peas, French and Runner beans, I then cooked down the Courgettes see "Provencale Recipe" "from at home in the kitchen". After all that work we had dinner and I had a kip.

Wednesday 8th

Had a quick visit to the allotment this morning to take down the grass cuttings from home. I watered some of the crops and the greenhouse and went home for morning coffee.

Thursday 9th

Pnk Fir Apple Potatoes Picked Today

I visited the allotment early today at 8am. I picked a selection of crops similar to last Thursday. I cut the grass and dug some pink fir apple potatoes. Then I watered the greenhouse. Had a chat with a couple of allotment holders and the I left at 9.40 am. to attend Aqua Aerobics at the local swimming pool. After lunch I froze down some more peas and beans. The Picture on the left shows the Pink Fir Apple potatoes that I dug up this morning. We had some for our main meal today and they were of an excellent flavour.

Friday 10th

After a swim at the local swimming pool I went to the allotment to do some weeding. I managed to give the Leeks and Brassicas bed a good weed, I was given some tomatoes from another allotment holder, so I picked a nice lettuce and a cabbage and went home for lunch.

Monday 13th

My first tomato this year

Visited the allotment this afternoon to water. So I gave the plot a water including the greenhouse. I then pick a selection of crops including my first tomato of the year see image. I gave some of the crops away and had a chat with another allotment holder. The tomatoes need tying again so I will do that on my next visit. I need to do a lot more cooking and freezing to keep up with the produce picked, this I will do over the next couple of days.

Friday 17th

Potatos look as though they have blightI visited the allotment this morning after going swimming at the local swimming pool. The first task was to cut down the potato leaves, as they look as though they may have caught blight. see picture. So I cut them down to ground level and removed the leaves from the plot. I then dug up my Pink Fir Apple, they seem to be free from blight and have cropped very well. I placed them in the greenhouse to dry out overnight, I will then place them in sacks for storage at home. There was quite a few ant nests around so I think this may have caused some of the leaf damage. I will dig the rest of my potatoes over the next few days. I then picked plenty of Runner Beans, Courgettes, Peas, Tomatoes, Cucumbers and then I went home for lunch. This evening I go to aqua aerobics so on the way I will stop off at the allotment to give it a good water.

Saturday 18th

Visited the allotment early so that I would miss the very hot weather. I dug my Desiree and King Edward potatoes and stored in the greenhouse overnight to dry out. I then watered and collected some salad items from the allotment and went home to do some more blanching freezing and cooking of produce already picked. The pictures below illustrate my Pink Fir Apple my Desiree and King Edward Potatoes that were harvested today. I will dig my Maris Piper potatoes tomorrow last picture below.

Pink Fir apple Potatoes picked yesterdayDesiree Potatoes picked todayKing Edward Picked todayMaris Piper dug Sunday 19th

Sunday 19th

Had another very early start at the allotment today 7.30am before it got too hot. I managed to dig the last of my potatoes Maris Piper illustrated by the last picture shown below. I then placed all potatoes in their sacks and took them home to store. I then watered the allotment before going home for a cup of tea.
Potatoes harvested with their weights are as follows:

  1. Desiree: 30kg
  2. Pink Fir Apple 19kg
  3. King Edward 26kg
  4. Maris Piper 18kg
  5. Foremost 22kg ( dug earlier in the year )

Monday 21st

Another early start at the allotment before I went to aqua aerobics. I harvested Runner and French Beans, Salad items, Cabbage, Beetroot. I then lifted my Onions for storage. I removed any over large Beetroot and composted them. I then watered the crops, Cut the grass paths around the plot. Had a cup of tea and then went to the local swimming pool.

Onions Harvested: Red Baron 18kg

Monday 27th

We have just got back from a short holiday. We visited the allotment and harvested a large quantity of Beans, Tomatoes, Overlarge Courgettes and cucumbers and some lettuce. Watered the greenhouse and some of the crops, then came home to prepare some of the crops for freezing. As we have had a couple of days of rain the plants outside did not need much watering.