Allotment Blog January 2012

Monday 23rd January

My First visit this week was on Monday, this was mainly to take some photos of the allotment, so that you Allotment Plot Dugcan see where we are starting from in 2012. In November I removed all the old cages and wind brakes that where in need of replacing. Some of these frames have been around for at least 20 years. This year I intend to use protection that can be moved around year by year therefore using the plot more effectively. The plot was then completely dug over ready for this year.

Wednesday 25th January

Shed untidy

As you may have seen from my photos from Monday and my " To Do List" the shed and greenhouse are in need of clearing just as the plot itself was. So Wednesday I made a start on the shed. I found a few old mouse nests and it looks like they feed themselves on the last owners heart pills. The shed's roof is leaking in one corner so that's another job some time soon. The photos of the shed make the shed look worse than it is. I have removed most of the rubbish today and hope to complete the shed by the end of the week.

Thursday 26th January

Shed Cleared

Visited allotment again today to continue sorting out the shed and greenhouse. Managed to fill another couple of black sacks of rubbish, mainly from the greenhouse. I repaired a window in the shed and moved some small cupboards, to allow more light into the shed. As soon as I have enough space in the shed I will start chitting my potatoes in there.

Friday 27th January


Another visit to the allotment today. The shed is to all intents and purposes finished, anything that needs changing can be done as and when. No photo yet as I did not take my camera this morning. For those of you interested I have left some Forks and Spades outside the machine shed, free to a good home. My Potatoes arrived during the week from Marshalls Garden Club which I joined this year. The potatoes came with chitting trays, what a result. So I set out my potatoes for chitting in the shed. I am using Foremost, Pink Fir Apple and Desiree. If I have any space I may add some Maris Piper.

Saturday 28th January

Greenhouse ClearedHad a good three hours at the allotment today. I managed to clear the greenhouse, and use some of the old shelving to make a bench, which I then covered with plastic. I was able to utilise one of the chest of draws under the bench for small storage use. I will use the bench for sowing in pots and modules. I have left the other side of the green house for growing in large pots from ground level as I have a brick floor base to the greenhouse. I have added some photos to this weeks diary. The rubbish will be taken to the local tip, during next week. The old wood and paper will be burnt, when the wind is in the right direction.

Sunday 29th January

I did not do to much today. I just sorted through several tool boxes, and organised them to suit my needs. I put up a small cabinet in the shed and tacked down the black plastic in the greenhouse. Finally I brought home a couple of bags of rubbish to leave out for the dustman tomorrow.

Monday 30th January

Made a quick visit to the allotment this afternoon. I treated myself to a new stainless steel spade, a small gas cooker and kettle for my fresh tea and coffee, so I could accommodate any visitors.

I also purchased some more potato seed, both main crop "Maris Piper" and "King Edwards", also some garlic. I will update my planting plan accordingly.

I then took the rest of the rubbish bags down to the local tip. So all that's left to do as far as the clearing up is concerned is to burn the old wood.