Allotment Blog July 2012

Monday 2nd

Had an early visit to the allotment this morning as I was having a workman in at home. I started by watering the allotment as although parts of the country have had plenty of rain over the last few days, we have not had a drop and because of the windy conditions the plot is getting rather dry. I then cleaned out the greenhouse as it had got very untidy. Then I went home to meet the workman.

Tuesday 3rd

After visiting the swimming pool this morning I went to the allotment and erected a wind break for my tomatoes and courgettes. after that I removed the tomato protection pots and tied the tomatoes to their support poles. I ran out of time so I had to get home for lunch. More to do tomorrow.

Wednesday 4th

Wind Protection for the Courgettes and tomatoesMy Wife and I visited the allotment this morning. Lilian picked strawberries and sugarsnap peas while I worked on the wind protection for the tomatoes and courgettes. We also did some weeding. I dug some early new potatoes ready for today's lunch. I will move my cucumbers from the top plot and put them In with the courgettes and tomatoes. as originally planed. I will do this either this afternoon or tomorrow morning. The picture on the right shows the wind protection setup.

Went back to the allotment this afternoon to move the cucumbers. So I added a climbing support frame to the side of the wind brake and then composted and transplanted the cucumbers from the Top plot, planting them along the side up against the frame to enable the plants to be tied into the frame as they grow. I then watered and went home for a rest. I have updated the planting plans to reflect the changes made.

Saturday 7th

Visited the allotment this morning, and what a difference a good drop of rain makes, all the plants are looking really well and healthy. The first job I tackled was to trim my grass edges and cut the grass. I then picked my strawberries, sugar snap peas, beetroot and lettuce. I then planted out some more lettuce in its growing position where the cucumbers were removed from in plot A. I then pricked out some lettuce into pots to grow on in the greenhouse, and finally I sowed some more lettuce. I then went home for lunch after having a chat with a couple of allotment holders.

Wednesday 11th

We have had quite a bit of rain over the last few days so this is my first visit to the allotment since Saturday. I mainly harvested, firstly I picked some courgettes and dug some more new potatoes, then I finished picking the first 1/2 row of sugar snap peas which I then cleared from the ground and placed them in the compost bin I also removed all netting. Finally I picked the last of my strawberries and again removed their netting. Watered the greenhouse and can home for lunch

Monday 16th

Lilian and I visited the allotment today as it was wet and still drizzling with rain we just picked some courgettes and peas, tied the tomatoes and removed their side shoots, watered the greenhouse and returned home. I will try to get down tomorrow between the showers, as there are plenty of jobs needing to be done.

Thursday 19th

My Brassica Bed is looking good.I visited the allotment this afternoon. I managed do do some weeding around the new potato bed, and also the raspberry bed. I dug some new potatoes, beetroot and some carrots. I then picked some sugar snap peas and some courgettes and as my garlic was suffering from rust I decided to lift those as well. I watered the greenhouse and then had a chat with another plot holder before going home for tea. I have had comments on how well my brassica bed is doing so I took the picture on the right to show you what it looks like now. I must say that this is the best set of brassicas I have managed to grow since starting an allotment in 1999. Lets hope it keeps like that over the autumn and winter.

Saturday 21st

<Runner Beans and French beans weededHad a great morning at the allotment today. I managed to give the potatoes and runner bean beds a good hoe, see pictures on the left. I found some blight damage on one of my desiree potatoes so I removed the foliage and dug the potato plant up, half of the potatoes had blight damage so I discarded them, the other half where fine, so I brought them home for lunch. The rest of the potato crop looks fine at the moment, but I will have to keep my eye on them as the type of weather we are having at the moment have all the properties for causing blight ( warm damp conditions). l then had a tea break with one of the other allotment holders this included a good chin wag, I then set about strimming and cutting the grass edges to my allotment plot. As you can see from the photo on the right.

Sunday 22nd

Popped down the allotment this morning. I planted out a selection of lettuce, sowed some radishes, then pricked out some lettuce seedlings. I had a cup of tea and a chat then I feed my tomatoes, courgettes, cucumbers and beans. I did a bit of hoeing and watering then came home for lunch.

Monday 23rd

Was out and about all day, so I had a quick visit to the allotment this evening to water the crops as it has been a very hot day.

Wednesday 25th

Another very hot day so I visited the allotment early at 8am ( well that's early for me) I managed to harvest some sugar snap peas, courgettes, french beans, lettuce, cucumber, and a nice cabbage. I then gave the crops a good water before getting home out of the heat of the day.

Thursday 26th

Another early start at the allotment before going to my aqua aerobics class. I gave the crops a good water and checked the crops for blight, pests and diseases, all was fine. I then tied tomatoes and removed any of their side shoots. Finally I added some support stakes for my raspberry canes I planted this year, I will add wire and tie up later in the week, maybe tomorrow. I then left for the swimming pool.

Note: Last night I updated my picture gallery with photos up to the end of June 2012.

Saturday 28th

Calabraise picked todayVisited the allotment this morning, the weather was rather cloudy with a couple of very light showers. I started by some light hoeing. I then dug all my early potatoes, there was a little blight on a couple of the individual potatoes. I then picked some calabraise see picture above. I continued harvesting my Courgettes, Cucumbers, Sugar snap peas, Lettuce and finally some more French beans these are sown in the picture on the right. I made myself a cup of tea and then did some watering, including the greenhouse.

Monday 30th

Had a quick visit to the allotment this afternoon. I just picked a few courgettes, watered the crops and the greenhouse as we have not had any rain. Then went home for tea.