Allotment Blog June 2012

Saturday 9th June

Had several brief visits to the allotment because of the wet weather just to water the greenhouse and check to make sure there was no wind damage. All was well so I just picked a few strawberries and lettuce. Spent most of my time decorating at home.

Sunday 10th June

Had a good morning at the allotment, it was warm and the sun was shinning. I cut the grass paths around the allotment. Then I sowed some more runner beans about 24 canes. I then planted out my tomatoes and used the large pots that protected my courgettes to protect the tomatoes. Gave the plot a good hoe and came home for lunch.

Friday 15th June

Been away again on a short camping break so had my first visit to the allotment today, All I did was to pick some strawberries some rhubarb and lettuce. Did a bit of weeding in the strawberry beds then went home for lunch.

Monday 18th June

Had a good morning at the allotment. Firstly I planted up the rest of my tomatoes in large pots to be grown on in the greenhouse. I then planted out my cucumbers in Plot one along the outside of my Brassicas Cage and gave them some protection with Enviromesh. I then uncovered my dwarf French beans and gave the ground around them a good weed. I dug a root of early potatoes but they are not ready yet. Finally I picked about two Kilos of Strawberries some asparagus and some lettuce and called it a day and went home for lunch.

Tuesday 19th June

Visited the allotment this afternoon and a gave the plots a good water and then sowed another 1/2 row of Peas. In The greenhouse I pricked out some more lettuce. Then had a chat with another allotment holder and went home for tea.

Friday 22nd June

Had a quick visit to the allotment this morning. I managed to pick about 3 Kilo of Strawberries, picked some beetroot, Rhubarb and Asparagus. Did a little bit of weeding in the Brassicas section and also in the strawberry bed. I gave part of the allotment a water. Sowed some lettuce then went home for a cup of tea. Picture shows the winter Brassicas in their cage growing nicely.

Monday 25th June

Had a good morning at the allotment I managed to weed all three asparagus beds. I then picked about 2kg of strawberries and then went home for lunch.

Tuesday 26th June

First Small Courgette

I go to Aqua aerobics three times a week which gives me some exercises without putting too much strain on my hips. After visiting the class this morning I went straight to the allotment. I made a cup of tea then I cut the grass plot edges. I tied up my Tomatoes to their canes and replaced one that had broken through the wind. I also replaced a damaged courgette by sowing a couple of seeds where I removed it from. I then sowed my last 1/2 row of Sugar Snap Peas and the rest of my Runner Beans. I watered some of the plants and also my neighbours green house then came home for lunch. Picture shows first courgette growing.

Wednesday 27th JuneLeeks Planted

Had a great morning at the allotment, Lilian my wife, came with me and helped me to plant my leeks. I have decided to plant them along the side of my brassicas cage as 1. I have the room and 2nd the main reason is that I now have all winter vegetables together, so later in the year it will be easier to clear and dig the other plots completely ready for next season. Some of my Pink Fir apple potatoes have not shown so I have planted some butternut squash that I was given in that area to use the ground. The planting plan will be updated today to reflect any changes made. I then gave the allotment a good water while my wife picked some strawberries. We then went home for lunch. Picture shows 64 Leeks planted.

Friday 29th June

Plot one Cabbages needing weedingTop Plot with Brassicas after WeedingHad a great morning at the allotment today. The sun was shining with a little breeze from the sea. My first job was to weed and level the soil on the second plot ready to sow some more seeds. I then sowed a half row of Beetroot to finish the row that contained a 1/2 row of onions. I then sowed one row of spring onions, a 1/2 row of chives and a half row of Coriander. I then spent the rest of the morning weeding the brassicas bed in plot one. The picture on the left shows part of the brassica bed needing weeding. The picture on the right shows the whole of plot one after weeding all the plot. I then had a chat with a couple of other allotment holders including the couple who took over my old plot. I then went home for lunch.

Saturday 30th June

Had a visit to the allotment today. I picked another 4kg of strawberries I will save some for our use over a couple of days, give some away. The rest I liquidize and add either icing sugar or castor sugar to taste them freeze them in yoghurt pots to use in the winter, poured over ice cream. I then Staked out my tomatoes in the greenhouse, potted up some lettuce seedlings and then picked some lettuce and beetroot and went home for lunch.