Allotment Blog March 2012

Wednesday 1st March

Had a great morning at the allotment. I managed to burn all the old rotten wooden pallets that was used on the old compost bins. I also removed a pile of bricks from the middle plot, to behind the greenhouse to give more growing area on the middle plot.

Friday 3rd March

Garlic plantedIt was rather misty this morning unlike the last couple of days which were just like spring. I managed a couple more jobs at the allotment this morning. I composted the two strawberry beds using the compost from my bins. Then I decided to plant the garlic as it has developed some good roots. I raked over the planting area and made a ridge to plant the garlic in, the reason for the ridge is to stop the roots getting waterlogged, as the Bulb sits just above ground level allowing any water to drain away. This is very useful for clay based soils. I then planted 29 garlic plants. I then dug over the area where the pile of bricks were kept the last couple of years.

Monday 12th March

Hoe Rhubarb Bed I did visit the allotment last week but only on one occasion after the rain and wind had died down, no work was carried out, I just took the compost materials from home to the allotment compost bin, and had a chat with another allotment holder so I did not bother writing it on the website. Today I had a good couple of hours at the allotment, sowing some lettuce seeds in the greenhouse, and hoed around the Rhubarb I planted in the late Autumn. I then started to prepare my seed bed at the bottom of Plot One ready for sowing Brassicas and Leeks. As I dug it over in the autumn I just forked it over to a depth of about 4in, and broke the soil up a little. I will add a little compost and fertiliser on my next visit and break the soil down a little more.

Tuesday 13th March

Preparation of Seed Bed

Visited the allotment early today. I managed to dig over the area where I had my rubbish burning. I then continued to work on my seed bed by raking, composting and adding fertiliser. I did try to rotavate the bed but I could not get the rotavator to start. I will spend some time sorting that out.

Wednesday 14th March

I knackered myself at the allotment today. I spent three hours rotavating the allotment. I managed to complete all three beds. I still have to rake it level but I will have to do that another day. Signing off, too knackered to write anymore!!

Friday 16th March

Gave the beds a rake over to level the soil after rotavating on Wednesday. I then marked out my planting areas for both the middle section and top section. I moved the planting plan around slightly for the middle and top sections, see updated plans.

Wednesday 22nd March

Seeds sown under Cover

Had a great morning at the allotment. I managed to finish my seed bed preparation, and then sow some of my seeds including, Leeks, Parsley, Brussels Sprouts, Hispi Cabbage, extra early Broccoli and some Calabrese. Then the seeds were watered and covered in environmesh.

Thursday 23rd March

Spent a couple of hours at the allotment this afternoon, what fantastic weather. I was able to sow some seeds in the middle bed consisting of a row of Carrots and row of Parsnips and a row of Beetroot. I had a chat with a couple of allotment holders and then went home for tea.

Friday 24th March

Visited the allotment again this morning getting an early start. I decided to plant my early potatoes " Foremost". I planted 23 chitted potato seeds cover the first two rows at the bottom of the bottom plot. The method I used was to make a 2-3in trench, I then used a 6in bulb planter to produce a six inch hole 12 ins apart. I then put a 2in handful of compost in the bottom and firmly placed the seed potato on top and then covered the seed potato with another handful of compost. Finally I raked over the soil in a slight ridge, so that I can see where the potatoes were planted. Had a cup of tea and then hoed my strawberries and watered the seeds and garlic that were sown and planted earlier.

Monday 27th March

Asparagus showing

Had a quick visit to the allotment this morning, I took some compostable material to the allotment from home. I watered all seeds, potatoes and strawberries. Had a chat and then pricked out some lettuce seedlings into pots in the allotment greenhouse. Several Asparagus shoots have started to show a little early this year, I will start to pick soon, if they carry on like this.

Wednesday 29th March

Another warm day today, visited the allotment where I made some hoops out of plastic piping ready to protect my strawberries from the birds. I then watered all seeds and planted crops. I decided to sow my Tomato seeds in pots in the greenhouse, which I did. I then cut the grass around my plot and went home to have a cup of tea with the missus. Just a note, I wish that I had not rotovated the plot the other week as with no rain the ground is made up of approx 2" lumps and they are as hard as rock.

Thursday 30th March

A quick visit to the allotment on these afternoons just to water all seeds and growing plants.