Allotment Blog May 2012

Monday 7th May

Cucumber and Courgette Seedlings I visited the allotment a few times last week but due to the heavy rain I only pottered in the greenhouse watered the seedlings so not much to report. Picture on left shows my courgettes and Cucumber seedlings ready for potting on. I weeded the strawberry beds as you can see by the picture on the right,and was going to weed the asparagus and strawberry paths but the ground was far too heavy because of the rain. The slugs have had some of my lettuce in the cold frame and a few of my brassica seedlings so I added some slug pellets to those areas. I watered the greenhouse and finally I picked some more asparagus.

Thursday 10th May

Asparagus growing well and needs weedingMore rain Tuesday and Wednesday so I gave the allotment a miss. I popped down the allotment this afternoon to check on the green house which needed watering. The asparagus is growing well as can be seen from the picture on the left, so are the weeds, will need to tackle them soon but the ground is very wet and sticky. So hopefully I will clear them at the weekend if the weather keeps dry.

Friday 11th May

New Potatoes showingHad a great productive morning at the allotment and the weather was sunny with a slight breeze. I erected my runner bean support using bamboo canes. giving me two 5m rows ready for planting. I then composted two rows for Dwarf French beans and sowed the seeds (Amethyst), I will cover with fleece tomorrow. I then marked out the planting positions for my Courgettes and cucumber, these will be composted tomorrow. I also placed my tomato support poles into position and these will also be composted tomorrow. I purchased an old petrol mower for a Tenner so I was able to cut my grass paths. My new potatoes have started showing see picture on the right.

Saturday 12th May

Another productive morning at the allotment. I managed to complete the composting and setting out of the courgettes and tomatoes. Covered Dwarf French Beans with Enviromesh and watered the greenhouse and then went home for lunch.

Went back to the allotment after lunch and I composted two rows ready for my peas. I then built climbing support and a netting frame for my peas. I then sowed half a row of peas ( Sugar Snap: Sugar Ann). I will sow a half row every two - three weeks until both rows are sown. I used my strimmer to trim the path edges and then went home for a rest.

Sunday 13th May

Plot 2 showing this weeks activities.

A nice bright and warm day at the allotment. I spent the morning weeding the asparagus beds, strawberry path and around the Rhubarb. I then sowed some more lettuce, took some photos and then came home for lunch.

Below is a picture showing the activities for this week from the left of the picture is my runner bean support, followed by my Dwarf French Beans under the enviromesh, then my courgette and cucumber composted area, followed by my Tomato supports, and finally the support for my Peas with a half row already sown.

Saturday 19th May

Just got back from a few days in the Lake District so no work was carried out at the allotment between Monday and Friday.. Today I visited the allotment and added netting to the pea growing area to protect the peas from the birds. Watered the greenhouse and went home for lunch.

Wednesday 23rd May

I did make some quick visits since last Saturday just to water. Had a great morning at the allotment today. I added netting protection to my strawberry beds, I sowed some runner beans directly in their growing position. Planted out some lettuce. I then weeded around the carrots onions and beetroot. Made some large hoops ready for my brussels sprouts protection. Added some wind protection ( very large pots with their bottoms removed ) around where I will plant my Courgettes and Cucumbers, I will also start to water them to soften up the earth before planting. I finally watered the Greenhouse, Strawberries and the peas which have just started to shown themselves.

Thursday 24th May

Had a double visit to the allotment today, An early visit where a sowed another row of carrots next to the other row this time I used " Autumn King " I also sowed another row of parsnips as the last row I sowed did not appear, well just one seedling, this happend last year with this variety " Student " so I purchased "Gladiator" variety which I have used in the past. I then returned in the evening to water the plot.

Friday 25th May

Another Double Visit. This morning a sowed another 1/2 row of peas , and covered my two rows of carrots with enviromesh. I then started to build my Brassica protection by putting up the wooden frame. I have decided to build a 5m by 4m frame to hold my Winter brassicas and use individual net tunnels for my summer and autumn brassicas. I then came home for lunch, after lunch I raked over the brassica bed, cut and edged my grass paths and finally watered.

Saturday 26th May

Brassica Cage Frame ready to have netting added.

Another double Visit today . I continued to build my Brassica protection by finishing the wooden frame, I just need to add the netting and all is complete, apart from planting of course. I then came home for lunch. In the evening I went back to the allotment and watered. If I remember my camera tomorrow I will take some photos.

Sunday 27th May

Had a quick visit in the evening just to water and take a couple of photos. Here is a photo of the Brassica frame ready to have the netting added which I will complete tomorrow.

Monday 28th May

Courgettes planted inside protection

Another week starts with a double visit to the allotment today. This morning I spent several hours completing the Brassica cage. Its now ready for planting up.
In the early evening I went back to the allotment and planted my courgettes, see picture on the right, the plants are planted inside those large pots and once the plants are established the pots will be removed. I then gave the potato plot a good hoe and the plot a good water as its been quite hot over the last few days. I will most probably plant my summer brassicas and Brussels sprouts tomorrow.

Wednesday 30th May

Winter Brassica Planted

Another double visit to the allotment today the morning was spent planting all my Winter brassicas within the Brassica protection Frame, including Brussels Sprouts, Early and very Early Broccoli, Romanesco, Savoy cabbages and Kale. The afternoon was spent planting the Summer brassicas, Calabrese, Hispi and Duncan Cabbages. The image on the left shows my winter brassicas planted in the large Frame. I Then watered the rest of the plot and greenhouse and left for home.