Allotment Blog November 2012

Sunday 11th

Bottom section of my allotment

I visited the allotment today. I managed to turn over my compost to try and keep it working. I then gave my grass paths a cut, as I have not been to the allotment for a while they were getting rather long. I was going to start my end of season digging today, but the ground was rather wet and sticky. I did however manage to pick a nice large cabbage, some leeks, brussels sprouts and some kale. We had the cabbage picked today and some carrots picked on my last visit for Sunday dinner, they were very nice too, we just had to try and get rid of the white fly from flying around in the kitchen.
Top section of my Plot As I have mentioned in the past due to other interests I gave up half of my plot this year so I will not have so much to do especially during the summer months. The two images will illustrate what ground I have left for next year.  The first picture shows the bottom of my plot, the second picture showing the top of my plot. I still have my greenhouse and shed which is at the top of my plot.

I will setup a section of the plot ready for "square foot" gardening to see how it goes I will grow my small succession crops plus brassicas by this method depending on the cost of setting it up. I will grow potatoes conventionally in 2013. If all goes well and the money is available I will use this method of growing completely by 2014.
On arriving home I spent some time shelling my runner beans for seed to be used next year.

Tuesday 13th

scrap iron to be removed and grass and edges trimmedI managed to pop down to the allotment this afternoon. I then sorted out all the old scrap iron on my plot ready to be removed to the local scrap merchant. see left side of picture. I then dug the last of my early planted carrots and gave them a good wash in nice old water, which I will store in the garage at home. I have still got the second sowing still in the ground I think I will cover them to help protect from any frost until later in the year. The grass paths were the strimmed to tidy up the edges. Finally I pruned my raspberry canes ready for next year. On my next visit which will hopefully be tomorrow, I will cut back and compost my asparagus plants, you can just make out the asparagus the light yellow in the top middle of the picture. I will then give the compost bin another turn.

Wednesday 14th

A short visit to the allotment this morning I decided to dig the rest of my carrots, so I can clear the ground for digging. I removed the old iron from my plot ready to be taken to the scrap merchant. I had to leave early as I had to sort out a problem at home. Hopefully I will remove my asparagus foliage later this week.

Friday 16th

Asparagus being cut down

I visited the allotment this morning. I gave the carrots a wash see picture on the bottom left. I then cut down the asparagus foliage. The next job is to weed the asparagus bed and compost for next year. Hopefully this will be down on the next visit to the allotment. The image shows the asparagus being cut down.

Monday 19th

Brassica cage has been removedI had a great morning at the allotment today. The sun was shining although there was a little wind. so I had to wear my wooly hat. I decided to remove the large brassicas cage before there was any snow, otherwise it would have just caved in and broken the poles and bamboo canes. Firstly I removed any brassicas that had finished producing, I left my savoy cabbages and covered them with wire netting to protect them from pigeons and possibly rabbits. I then decided to dig up my Brussels sprouts as they had reached a nice size and so I took them home to blanche ready for freezing, I will most probably do that either this afternoon or tomorrow after attending the swimming pool. I then moved and enlarged the compost bin and added any brassicas and asparagus leaves after chopping them up a little, and turned the older compost on top. The picture above illustrates the state of my top section of my allotment, it shows the compost bin the cabbages with wire frames over, including some more rubbish still to be dealt with. I am now almost ready to start digging, so as soon as I get another fine day I will start.
I managed to blanche and freeze my Brussels sprouts this evening so that's another job out of the way.

Thursday 22th

Winter digging StartedStarted the winter digging this morning as my aqua aerobics class was cancelled. The weather was bright although a slight breeze. The ground was very sticky and heavy but I managed to get some of the plot dug and after a couple of hours I had to stop as my hip was playing up so. I went home for a nice cup of tea and a rest. The picture on the right shows the start of my winter digging.

Friday 23rd

Tried to continue digging this morning. I did manage about three rows but had to give up as it was far too sticky, had to clean the spade after almost every two spade digs. So I gave up and went home for a nice cup of tea instead. I will try again in a few days time dependent on the weather.

Friday 30th

A bird helping me dig

I managed to get to the allotment this morning. It was bright and frosty. I spend just over an hour digging the bottom section of my plot. I had a willing helper this morning as you can see from the picture on the left. I harvested some leeks and cabbage for today's dinner, then went home to lunch. I hope to finish this section of digging by tomorrow, if the weather stays fine.