Allotment Blog September 2012

Tuesday 4th

We have just got back from a short holiday. I visited the allotment very early this morning at 7am. and harvested a large quantity of Beans, Tomatoes, Over-large Courgettes and cucumbers and some lettuce. Watered the greenhouse and some of the crops. I then decided to remove courgettes and wind protection from tomatoes and where the courgettes were. Gave the area a hoe to remove most of the weeds.

Wednesday 5th

Another 7am start. I managed to give three quarts of the plot a good weed and hoe. I removed the last of the peas, and old beetroot and cleared any rubbish down to my French beans, these I am saving for seed. After almost three hours work I went home for a late breakfast.

Tuesday 18th

New compost binI had a good morning at the allotment I spent my time putting together a new compost bin intending to turn it over weekly to produce compost using the hot method. I started by making a cylinder from old chicken wire about 3ft in diameter. I then chopped up the brassicas and plants I cleared yesterday mixed that with some shredded paper from home and watered in layers. See picture on the left showing the very simple compost bin with the chopped waste matter. To turn the compost I will just lift up the wire netting and move to the right and then turn mix and place the compost back into the compost bin. I then picked some crops and went home for lunch.

Monday 17th

Brassica bed made tidyOn Thursday the 6th September I had to have a small operation which has taken me a little while to get fit enough to return to the Allotment. I did get down a couple of times but was only able to pick a few crops. I feel a lot better now so I returned to the allotment today to get some clearing up done. I managed to clear old brassicas including Calabraise after two flowering periods, the last of the spring and summer cabbage, also any discoloured leaves from the other brassicas yet to finish growing. The picture on the right shows the brassicas bed cleared up a bit.
As I have other interests as well as the allotment I have decided to give up half of my plot. Therefore from October 2012 I will only be using half a plot. I thought that I will therefore try out the Square Foot Method of planting known as SFG method of gardening where you grow your plants in raised beds that are marked out into Square foot sections. So I will keep you informed step by step through the process.

Thursday 20th

Visited the allotment this morning, I first added grass cuttings from home to the new compost bin. I then picked the rest of my tomatoes which were mainly green to try and ripen on the windowsill at home. I added the tomato plants to the compost bin then forked the compost bin over and gave it a water. I tidied up the plot then went home for lunch.

Friday 21st

Back to the allotment this morning main job was to collect all old and unwanted timber that has been laying around for many years and then burn it. I collected most of the timber and cut the grass. This evening I will go back to the allotment to start a fire to burn all the timber as long as the wind is still blowing in the right direction.
I went back to the allotment this afternoon and spent about three hours burning the unwanted timber on the allotment plot. I then went home smelling like an ashtray for my evening meal.

Saturday 22nd

Visited the allotment this morning to tidy up after the bonfire I had last night. I raked the ash over the plot and removed any scrap items like metal. dug the last of my beetroot and parsnips. added weeds and plant leaves to the compost. I mixed the compost and watered it and came home for lunch.