Allotment Blog August 2013

Thursday 1st

Courgettes and tomatoes bed 4 feed and wateredMy wife and I went to the allotment this evening and between us we fed the tomatoes beans and courgettes. Then watered the rest of the beds. We then tidied up a little around the plots then went home before it got too dark. The image on the left shows Bed 4 courgettes and tomatoes fed and watered.

Friday 2nd

Brassicas bed five WeededEarly Start at the allotment this morning I gave the beds a good weed. This Square foot gardening method sure cuts down on the weeding as the paths are covered, so no weeds. The beds are heavily planted with not much space between the plants so not many weeds, and finally as I do not tread on the beds the weeds are easy to pull out. I then harvested some cabbages and courgettes which I will give away to friends, some calabraise and french and runner beans which we will eat either today or tomorrow. The image on the right shows my brassicas bed after weeding.

Monday 5thMy new Tiller

Made a short visit to the allotment today I picked some more courgettes, runner beans, and french beans. I then fed my tomato plants and beans before watering the rest of the plot. My wife purchased a small 2 stroke petrol tiller for me, which was delivered this afternoon ready for my Birthday tomorrow. I spent some time putting it together. So on my next visit to the allotment I will fill it up with petrol and oil and start to run it in. Its small and light weight about 30lb with a carry handle so its easy to lift onto my raised beds. It has a 9" wide tilling width and a 10" digging depth, just what I need for tilling my raised square foot beds. The image on the left shows my new tiller all fitted together and ready for action.

Wednesday 7th

I visited the allotment this morning. The first job I did was to fill up my tiller with fuel. The tiller started easily so I run the tines for a few minutes to run them in. The ground I need to use the tiller on is like rocks where my first early potatoes were grown ( next to the compost bins and on bed 6. I will need to break the sods down before using the tiller. I then watered the plot. I did some weeding and tied some of my tomato plants to their support stakes. I picked a selection of produce, and finally I started to break the soil down next to my compost bins ready to till the soil which will be used to plant some comfrey plants I have acquired.

Friday 9th

My harvestMy wife and I visited the allotment this evening. We harvested plenty of courgettes, runner and french beans, tomatoes, cucumber and peppers from the greenhouse, some calabraise and a couple of cabbages. We then watered and did a little bit of weeding before going home for the evening. The picture on the right shows the harvest before the cabbages and peppers were picked.

Monday 19th

Charlotte potatoes in wheel barrow ready to bag upHad a week away in our caravan. So this is the first visit to the allotment since the 9th. I visited twice today firstly this morning 7.30 until 9.00am. I managed to pick a very large bag of runner beans, some tomatoes from the greenhouse and bed 4. I picked enough courgettes to feed the 5000, also some calabraise, lettuce, beetroot, carrots and a cucumber. On my next visit which was early this evening I dug up my second early potatoes ( Charlotte ) and got a very nice crop of clean slug free potatoes. I finally watered the greenhouse and my beds. I also spent some time breaking down the soil where my potatoes have been lifted ready for tilling so that I can add some green manure to over winter.

Tuesday 20th

Had an early visit to the allotment this morning. I bagged up my Charlotte potatoes and took them home ready to use. I then removed the chicken wire from around my potatoes. Finally I did some weeding before returning home for breakfast.

Friday 23rd

My wife and I visited the allotment this morning after it rained all day Thursday. The allotment really needed that rain. We spent our time harvesting runner beans , calabraise, tomatoes, courgettes, sweet corn, and a few raspberries. I removed a couple of courgette plants that were covering some of the bush tomatoes also the Calabraise plants that are now full of caterpillars. I then started another compost bin, did some weeding, bagged up the rest of my onion crop that has been drying out in the green house.

Tuesday 27th

An early visit to the allotment this morning before going to the local swimming pool for Aqua Aerobics. I spent my time lifting my main crop potatoes ( Desiree ). The picture on the left shows the potatoes I have lifted from bed 6. My wife and I went back to the allotment this evening. My wife harvested runner beans , tomatoes, cucumbers, courgettes, sweet corn, and raspberries and did some weeding. I started to break down the very dry clods of earth that were left after digging up my potatoes using the spade and my tiller. This was rather difficult so I gave the bed a good water and then covered the bed with a porous membrane, hopefully this will help to soften the clods, so I can sow some green manure to over winter, either this month or before the end of September. We brought home the potatoes plus what was harvested to night.

Friday 30th

Bed 6 covered and watered to break down soil ready to rotavateA great morning at the allotment today. I managed to add about 48 gallons of water to bed 6 where I grew my potatoes to help break down the clods that are like concrete. The bed was then covered with membrane to try and keep the bed moist for as long as possible. Hopefully I will be able to rotavate the bed on Saturday. The next job was to trim my grass edges and to clear any grass or weeds growing between the grass path and my raised beds. I then picked some tomatoes, courgettes, cucumbers, before giving my beds a good water. I then went home for lunch. The picture on the right shows bed 6 covered ready to rotavate tomorrow, with any luck! This afternoon I went and purchased some more Green Manure seeds ready to sow once crops have been lifted.

Saturday 31st

Green Manure sown in bed sixAnother great morning at the allotment. The first task was to take a video of the allotment as at the end of August, hopefully this will be uploaded today, if not tomorrow. I then checked bed 6 to see if the ground had softened enough to allow me to rotavate, and thankfully it was. So I used my new tiller to break up the soil to a fairly small crumb consistency. I then added compost and sowed my green manure into bed six. I used a mixture from Thompson and Morgan which contains: Rye, Vetch, Tetraploid Italian Rye Grass and Forage Pea. The image on the left shows, bed six sown with green manure. I also sowed more green manure where my calabraise had been growing in bed three. Finally I tidied up the plot a little and watered the crops before going home for lunch.