Allotment Blog February 2013

Sunday 3rd February

The ground is very wet and the grass paths are starting to get very muddy so I have given the allotment a miss for a few days. I am working on my new responsive website, so it can be used more effectively on mobile devices, but it's taking longer than expected. As soon as it dries up a bit I will continue completing tasks at the allotment.

Wednesday 6th February


I made a short visit to the allotment today, firstly to take composting materials from home to the allotment for composting. I then checked up on my seedlings in the green house. They are continuing to develop just fine, so I gave them a water, I then had to replace and secure one of the bins that was covering the Rhubarb as the wind had dislodged it. I than just checked my plot and went home to do some decorating.

Saturday 16th February

Plot ClearedHad a great morning at the allotment. I managed to clear the last of my cabbages and leeks which I took home to use up over the next couple of weeks. They will keep OK in my garage until I need them. I then dug over the area where the leeks and cabbages were growing. I removed the covers from the seedlings growing in the greenhouse, all of which are fine. I then completed the sowing, in the allotment greenhouse the seeds that need sowing in February, this included Cabbage, more Red Onions, Lettuce, Marigolds, Chives. I need to purchase some winter Savoy cabbage and Brussel Sprouts which I will over the next couple of days. I will then sow them in the Greenhouse. The picture on the left illustrates the cabbages needing clearing. The picture on the right shows the job completed. I then went home for a nice cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit or two!

Monday 18th February

First SFG frameI had a very productive morning at the allotment, the weather was bright without any wind. I spent some time building and positioning the first of my SFG beds. I then checked the items in the greenhouse and they seem to be doing fine. I need to get these raised beds up and running so that I can start some of my early planting. The first being my garlic as it is ready to be planted out. I will hopefully finish the building of these raised beds by the end of this week.

Tuesday 19th February

Three SFG frames in positionAnother great morning at the allotment. After a fairly heavy frost the morning turned out very bright and it was quite warm working in the sun. I managed to complete the building of the three raised bed frames getting them spaced out correctly and screwing them together, for more detail see SFG. I then sowed my Brussels Sprouts seed into modules and set aside in the greenhouse.

Thursday 21st February

I visited the allotment today after aqua aerobics. It was freezing cold with some very light snow flurries. I managed to add sufficient top soil from the allotment to the first raised bed and then called it a day, and went home for a nice cup of tea.

Friday 22nd February

I visited the allotment, again it was freezing cold with some very light snow flurries. I continued to add top soil from the allotment to the second raised bed. I then moved and turned my compost heap. I was given a few Raspberry canes from another allotment holder to add to my row of raspberries. I will plant then over the next few days.

Wednesday 27th February

I went to the allotment this morning. I first added more topsoil from the allotment to my SFG beds. I then checked on my forced rhubarb, that's coming along nicely but not ready for picking yet. I managed to plant the raspberry canes that were given to me the other day to fill out my Autumn Raspberry row where there were spaces where the plants did not grow from last years planting. Finally I watered the greenhouse seedlings, and checked the potatoes chitting before going home for a doughnut and cup of tea.