Allotment Blog January 2013

Monday 7th

Cabbage and leeks picked this morningI made my first visit to the allotment this year. The ground was rather wet. I added some home composting materials to the compost bin. I then picked a couple of cabbages and dug some leeks. I then prepared some seed trays ready for sowing my onions, some early lettuce and leeks. I will also sow a few tomato seeds to get an early start this year, and these tomatoes will be kept at home until it's warm enough to plant them in the greenhouse at the allotment. All this sowing will be done at home and placed on the kitchen windowsill until they germinate. I have updated my allotment website for 2013.

Tuesday 8th

Seeds sown on my windowsillWent shopping today and purchased my seed potatoes. These where: First Early "Swift", Second Early "Charlotte", Main Crop "Desiree". I also completed my seed purchase, so I am all ready to go. I sowed the following seed at home and will germinate and grow seedlings on the windowsill at home until it is warm enough to transfer to my green house. I sowed the following: Lettuce "all year round", Onion "Santero F1", Onion "Red Brunswick", Leeks " Musselburgh", and finally just a few tomato seeds to be grown in the greenhouse later on "Ailsa Craig", "Garden Pearl"," Alicante". I will sow some more of these tomato varieties a little later on for growing outside on the allotment.

Wednesday 9th

potatoes chitting in the greenhouseHad a great morning at the allotment today, the sun was shining and the temperature was mild. I laid out my potatoes in the greenhouse to chit, and I covered them with a light fleece to protect them if the temperature drops, but still allowing light to get to the potatoes. I then set about cleaning the shed and greenhouse, it was basically a putting away exercise as netting and other items that were not put away properly in the first place.

Once those tasks were completed I went to the local timber yard to purchased the timber. I will use the timber to make my raised beds for the "Square foot gardening project". The wood will be delivered to the allotment tomorrow. I purchased sufficient timber to make a 2.4m x .6m bed that will be situated in the greenhouse and three other beds,14.6m x 1.2m. which will be placed on the allotment plot.

Thursday 10th

wood for raised beds

Made a quick visit to the allotment for a timber delivery that I was expecting this morning. The delivery arrived promptly at 11.30. I rang them early this morning to see if they would cut the boards to size, which they kindly did, so that saved me quite at bit of time and effort. I made a start on the SFG in the greenhouse by removing part of the brick floor.

Friday 11th

Garlic in seed trayOn my visit to the allotment this morning I continued working in the greenhouse on my raised bed. I decided to try some garlic this year in the raised beds as they have not been very successful in the past due to getting white root rot. I am hoping that by using a different growing medium they will be better. So I purchased some garlic and gave them a start by planting up in modules ready for planting out later once the weather warms up a little.

Thursday 17th

Tomatoes seedlings

Very frosty today unusual for our part of the country -3 degrees. I went and picked up some compost from a local supplier and used it in the greenhouse. I Picked some cabbages and leeks and went home for lunch. most of the seeds and garlic I sowed last Friday are ready for pricking out as you can see from the photos below. I have already pricked out the lettuce into modules.

Friday 25th

Seeds pricked out in garage

After a cold and snowy week I managed to get to the allotment this morning to add some more compost to the greenhouse raised bed. I checked on the potatoes that are chitting in the greenhouse, they are doing fine. Over the last few days I have pricked out my tomatoes, my white onions, and leeks. I have placed all of them, other than the tomatoes in the garage at the moment but will soon place them in the greenhouse at the allotment.

Saturday 26th

Seedling under cover in greenhouseA very bright morning today. I took my seedlings to the allotment greenhouse to allow them to carry on growing without too much heat. I placed them on the raised bed to allow them to seek water from the compost if required. I then made a cover using greenhouse bubble wrap to give them added protection. See photo on the left. I then added compost to my rhubarb bed borrowing two large bins from my neigbour to use to force two of my rhubarb plants. I then used some stakes to secure them from the wind. See photo on the right. I then returned home for a cup of tea.

Monday 28th

Had a quick visit to the allotment this morning. I was going to do some more work on my raised beds but the ground was very wet and I forgot some of my tools. I just checked on my seedlings in the greenhouse, I gave them a water and left it at that and went home for my cup of tea.