Allotment Blog July 2013

Wednesday 17th

Me shelling PeasMy wife and I have been visiting the allotment a few times a week just to water and remove a few weeds. As I am now able to drive we decided to take the caravan away for a weeks break. We arrived back on Monday 15th. I will have to thank Colin my allotment neighbour for watering the greenhouse and looking after the plot for me during my Hip operation and my weeks holiday.

I visited the plot on 16th Tuesday in the morning. I harvested my peas, gave the plot a good watering, taking the peas home to pod, blanch, and freeze. I managed to get just over 2lb of shelled peas from my four by one foot squares.

Today it was rather hot so I decided to visit the allotment in the evening. My wife harvested the french beans growing in the greenhouse. I dug up the rest of my Kestrel potatoes that where growing in pots. I removed the side shoots from my tomatoes and tied them to their stakes. We picked some courgettes carrots and beetroots. Finally, we gave the plot a good watering before returning home. The picture above shows me smiling, shelling my peas, and I am now back to being fighting fit ready to concentrate on the allotment once again. I will be uploading a video for June as soon as possible.

Friday 19th

I visited the allotment mainly to give it a good water I also spent some time weeding although using the Square Foot gardening method sure reduces the weed possibilities by making the paths between the beds, and the close growing of plants. But of course there are always some to find.

Monday 22nd

I visited this morning to water again and I spent some time harvesting courgettes, beetroot, calabraise and picked my first cucumber this year.

Wednesday 24th

Garlic drying in the greenhouseThis afternoon my wife and I went to the allotment. I cut the grass and my wife edged the grass paths. We watered, picked more courgettes, two small tomatoes ( first this year ). I them lifted my garlic as most of them had rust and white root rot. I have saved the best of them and will try to use them. I put them in the greenhouse to try and dry them out for a few days. I pulled up the rest of my radishes as they had gone woody, I will sow a few more later this week. The picture on the left shows my garlic drying out in the greenhouse.

Friday 26th

strawberries trimmed of leaves and runnersVisited the allotment this morning. My first task was to tie up the tomato plant in the greenhouse to train it up to the greenhouse roof. Next I watered the greenhouse. I then transplanted some lettuce from the greenhouse into one of my raised beds. I removed some side shoots from the tomatoes growing in bed three and then tied them for support to their stakes. The next job I did was to cutback my strawberry plants removing all runners. Finally I gave the allotment a water, and returned home for a cup of tea. The picture on the right shows my strawberry plants cutback removing leaves and runners.

Saturday 27th

Early Potatoes PickedStarted early at the allotment this morning. My main task today was to lift the rest of my first early potatoes, that were grown in bed Six. I removed my first early potatoes the ground was like concrete, but I managed to get a good crop of potatoes. Although it was overcast it was still very warn and brought on a good sweat. I also harvested my first large size tomato from the greenhouse, and finally a selection of courgettes. The picture on the left shows the early potatoes that were lifted this morning.