Allotment Blog June 2013

Wednesday 5th

Potatoes- with straw mulchThis is my first visit to the allotment after my hip operation. I managed to walk to the allotment on my pair of crutches it took about 20min each way ( normally 6min). Lilian my wife was with me just to make sure I got there OK and she also was going to do all the necessary work.

Lilian had visited the allotment a couple of times a week to keep on top of the watering and weeding she has done a very good job. Lilian also planted the tomatoes on the 1st June.

Today she added mulch using straw around my potatoes both in my raised bed and also the potatoes in the pots as being in the raised beds there is no room to earth up as illustrated in the picture above. She then watered and did some tidying up of the greenhouse, removing lettuce that had bolted.

I mainly watched and gave instructions from my sitting position, although I did manage to sow some more lettuce and radishes and make a cup of tea so I was not completely useless,. The Courgettes, Sweetcorn, Runner and Broad beans I had sown before my op are doing well, so my three weeks away from the allotment does not seem to have effected its growing potential. I have taken a video of the allotment to show what's changed over the month of May, which will be uploaded in the next couple of days.

Tuesday 25th

Lilian working on the allotment

I managed another trip to the allotment today accompanied by my wife Lilian, and only using one crutch. We finally managed between us to plant my Winter brassicas to include Winter cabbage, two types of broccoli and some calabraise. We planted out some more courgette and Sweetcorn plants started in the greenhouse. Also tied up the tomatoes. Picked the first sowing of beetroot and some new potatoes from one of the pots. Tidied up the greenhouse a bit where it was getting overgrown. Finally we did some weeding and watered the greenhouse and the raised beds. Lilian as seen in the picture above has been visiting the allotment a couple of times a week to water and do any weeding.