Allotment Blog May 2013

Wednesday 1st

Brassica bed nwtting supportAnother bright but windy morning. I had a good morning at the allotment. Firstly before I did anything else I took a video of my plot to reflect what has taken place on my allotment for the month of April, which will be uploaded shortly. After that my second task was to sow a few seeds in modules in the greenhouse to give an early start for: Sweetcorn, and Courgettes. I also sowed some more tomatoes just in case of emergencies. I then sowed some Cut and come lettuce, some beetroot and spring onions in SFG raised bed 1. The next job was to build the netting support for my brassica SFG raised bed. I used stakes in the centre to retain the height and plastic pipping to build the frame to hold the netting. My last job was to go round and water all the plants and seedlings. You can see the netting frame in the picture on the left. I then went home for lunch.

Friday 3rd

First asparagus pickingsA very nice morning, the sun was shining with a little breeze. I spent most of my time this morning sorting out and adding the fine butterfly netting to the raised bed ready for my brassicas. I was hoping to add the early cabbages but I ran out of time. I picked my first crop of asparagus as illustrated by the image on the right. We will have them baked for tea and from the trimmings I will make soup for lunch tomorrow. ) both recipes can be found in the Video section - At Home in The Kitchen . I gave the allotment and greenhouse a good water and went home for lunch.

Friday 10th

Summer Cabbages and Brussels Sprouts plantedI have made several visits to the allotment this week but only to water the greenhouse and the seedlings in my raised beds. Today however I spent all morning sowing seeds including Runner beans, French beans. and Sweetcorn. I also planted my Leeks, Summer Cabbage, and Brussels Sprouts. Finally I marked out where I will be planting tomatoes and courgettes which my wife will have to plant in June. It may seem a little early to most of you but I am having a new hip fitted on 16th May and I will be unable to work on the allotment for about 6 weeks, so I thought I will get most of my crops planted and sown before I go into hospital. My wife and some fellow allotment holders will keep an eye on my crops until I can return to the allotment. I still have a few days left to finish the work needed to be done on the allotment before my operation.

Monday 13th

plants and seeds sown

After a rainy start Lilian and I went to the allotment. We planted the marigolds, chives, and bush tomatoes adding some protection from the wind. I also sowed my courgettes and last of my runner beans. Someone had cut the grass so I just trimmed the edges. Finally we picked asparagus, lettuce and rhubarb, gave the plot and greenhouse a good water before going home for lunch.

Friday 15th

Chicken wire to support potato mulching

This may be my last entry for May as tomorrow I have full hip replacement surgery, and my wife Lilian will be going to the allotment to check to see how things are growing, and watering when necessary. So today I added a chicken wire frame around my potatoes so that as they grow the plants can be mulched with grass cuttings and straw, and the frame will stop the straw blowing all around the allotment. see picture on the left. Apart from my main tomatoes all other crops have been planted or sown. Any plants or seedlings that were on the greenhouse bench have been placed on the greenhouse raised bed to help them retain more moisture, see picture .

Wednesday 22rd

I have returned home after a successful full hip operation with plenty of swelling and some pain. I will not be looking after my allotment for at least two months. This will be left to my wife to just maintain it over this period. So the diary entries will be based on the activities she has completed on each of her visits. Lilian visited the allotment on Saturday 18th where she gave the greenhouse and raised beds a good watering. She also spent some time weeding between the garlic and onions. She noticed some of the outdoor lettuces have been eaten, not sure whether it was caused by rabbits or slugs, so put some slug pellets down anyway. Finally she removed all the flowers from the newly planted strawberries to encourage plant growth, and will start eating the fruit next year.

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