Allotment Blog November 2013

Friday 15th

some items harvested
This is the first major visit to the allotment this month. I took the grass cuttings, including the vegetable waste from home to add to my compost bins. All the green manure is doing well. I managed to pick some raspberries, rhubarb, Brussels sprouts, parsley, leeks and parsnips to eat during the week. I spent most of my time chatting to some other allotment holders before going home for lunch. I must get to grips with cleaning up the Greenhouse and Shed before the end of this month. I also need to give my compost a turn, again I will try and do this before the end of this month. The image shows the items I picked today.

Saturday 30th

Asparagus ferns cut downVisited the allotment today. I managed to cut down my Asparagus ferns as they have now turned brown. I will burn them later in the year. I picked the last of my autumn raspberries, cutting back to 6in to prevent wind damage to the roots. I gave my grass paths a cut, the last one this year. I then harvested some beets, parsnips, Brussels sprouts and leeks. Finally I took my monthly video of the allotment., which has been processed and uploaded. The picture on the right shows the asparagus ferns cut down.