Allotment Blog October 2013

Wednesday 9th

I have had a couple of visits to the allotment since the beginning of this month. I have mainly picked leeks, beetroot, raspberries and tomatoes. and taken grass cuttings and vegetable trimmings from home to the allotment compost bins. All the green manure that I have sown has taken, and is growing well. There is now very little to do on my beds. Over the next few weeks I will turn my compost bins, give my shed and greenhouse a good end of season clean.

Monday 21st

Green Manure in beds 5 &  6

I have made a couple of short visits to the allotment since the last web entry, although I did very little, other than pick a few remaining crops. Today I cleared the last tomato plant from the greenhouse taking home the remaining ripe and green tomatoes. I picked beetroot, parsnips, leeks and a brussels sprouts stem including the brussels top which I will eat like cabbage. As you can see from the images the green manure has taken well and filling my beds, which will help protect the soil from the ravages of winter. It will be cut down and dug in two to three weeks before planting and sowing next Spring.

Tuesday 29th

After a very windy Monday I thought that I had better check up on the allotment to make sure everything is still standing and to check to see if there was any damage. Luckily for me there was no damage from either my buildings, and equipment or anyone elses. So I composted some items from home. I then picked Brussels Sprouts, Leeks, Beetroots and Parsnips before returning home for my Tea.