Allotment Blog September 2013

Monday 2nd

one of the raised beds wateredWe visited the allotment this afternoon and it was very hot. Lilian, my wife, picked runner beans, courgettes, tomatoes, cucumbers and sweet corn. While I gave the allotment a good watering especially the green manure seeds. After an hour we decided to call it a day as it was far too hot, so we went home for a nice cup of tea. The picture on the right shows the raised bed containing, strawberries, courgettes, marigolds and runner beans after being watered.

Wednesday 4th

Visited the allotment this evening mainly just to water as it had been another very hot day. I also spent some time picking and harvesting produce, the same type as on Monday.

Friday 6th

Brassicas bed before removing summer cabbagesI went to the allotment this morning before the rain was expected. I spent most of the morning clearing caterpillars from my brassica bed. They have had a good feast on my winter cabbages and broccoli. So I decided to remove all my summer cabbages and have a good clean up removing any dead leaves. I then removed as many caterpillars as I could by hand, trimming back any leaves that have been eaten. luckily the hearts had not been eaten. I then gave the brassicas a good spray with insecticide to hopefully kill the rest of the caterpillars. I replaced my so called butterfly netting. I sowed some green manure to over winter where there was some space. I finished the morning harvesting some produce as the rain was coming down. I then called it a day and went home for lunch. Image above shows brassica bed before removing summer cabbages.

Saturday 7th

Green Manure starting to growI had a good morning at the allotment today. I checked the caterpillar population on my brassica plants, thankfully they looked clear, I will keep my eye on them. I gave my paths a good sweep as they were looking grubby. I then tidied my beds removing any dead leaves and giving them a good hoe. Then I sowed some Chinese Broccoli "Kailaan" in part of bed two, I will eat them when they get to about 6"- 8" tall. My green manure I sowed on the 31st August is starting to show and as space continues to become available during September, and early October, I will sow more Green Manure. The image on the right shows the first sown green manure starting to grow.

Sunday 8th

Bare earth were Green manure has been sownAnother nice morning at the allotment. As it did not rain yesterday, as expected, I decided to go to the allotment and water. So I gave all my beds a very good soaking. I then hoed and weeded any clear space in bed two and then sowed some more green manure in the spaces around my leeks. The image on the left shows the spaces that were sown.
I really need to get my compost bins up and running properly as so far I have just added whatever I had into the bins. The compost in the bins need to be turned and dry material needs to be added. I will sort this out once the weather has cooled down a bit more.

Wednesday 25th

cleared plots added green manure to over winterWe have had another week away in our caravan so the allotment has been looking after itself for the last week. I did make a couple of short trips to the allotment to water and pick any produce before leaving for our short break.. Today I spent my time clearing my runner beans, courgettes, sweetcorn that have finished producing. I noticed that my outdoor tomatoes are starting to show the blight virus in their leaves and stems, so I removed all their leaves to try and get the tomatoes ripened before they get the blight. I then cleared my marigolds to give me room to sow my green manure, so that it can over-winter. I then cleared all plants from the greenhouse except for the main tomato plant, which again I removed all its leaves to encourage quick ripening. I will sow some winter lettuces in the greenhouse to over-winter in the next few days. Then I gave the plot a good watering. Finally I cut the grass paths and did the edging before going home for lunch. The image on the right shows the beds cleared and sown with green manure ready to over-winter.

Monday 30th

Made a short visit to the allotment this morning. My first task was to make the video for September which as you can see has bed uploaded. I then removed the tomatoes from Bed 4 as the blight has now got to the tomatoes them selves. I then watered all the beds picked what tomatoes I could save, with some leeks and raspberries. I then went home for my morning coffee.