October 2014

Tuesday 28th

More diggingAnother bright morning at the allotment. I spent my time completing the digging of my 20ft x 4ft beds across the top section of my second plot. The next task is to start burning some old rubbish that's on the plot mainly old wood and whiterot onions. After that I will dig a further two 20ft x 4ft beds the other side of the shed. I will then lay my paths that are made up of carpets covered with weed represent membraine as I did on my other plot. This will give me eight beds 20ft x 4ft. At this time I have decided to leave the beds without using a wooden edge to raise them. Finally I will be erecting a greenhouse to the side of the shed. The image on the right shows where I have been digging the top section of my plot

Monday 27th

More digging A nice bright morning so I visited the allotment. I started by picking more raspberries, a nice large cabbage and some more tomatoes. Then I spent the rest of my time at the allotment digging my second plot.  I am double digging this section as I need to bury the old grass path I dug up earlier in the year.

The image on the left shows where I have been digging and also illustrates how well my green manure is doing in the raised beds on my other plot.

Friday 17th

harvest of Tomatoes, Strawberries and Brussel Sprouts Again it has been rather wet over the last week, I therefor gave the allotment a miss. Today however it was a very nice and bright morning, so I ventured down to the allotment, taking some compostables from home to be composted in the compost bins. It was too wet and sticky to do any digging, so I just harvested some produce including Tomatoes, Strawberries and Brussels Sprouts. I finally had a chat with a couple of allotment holders before returning home for a cup of tea and a bun. the image on the right illustrates my mornings harvest.

Friday 10th

greenhouse with staging and lettuce plantedWe have had quite a wet and windy week, so this is my first trip to the allotment since Saturday. I harvested some raspberries and tomatoes.
I then transferred my lettuce from the grow beds in the greenhouse to the wooded raised bed, and removed the grow beds from the greenhouse. I then removed my potting equipment ( trays modules and pots ext) from my shed to the staging in the greenhouse. Finally I gave the shed a tidy before returning home for lunch. The image on the left shows my greenhouse as I left it today.

Saturday 4th

digging over my bedsI spent the morning at the allotment digging over my new plot. I managed to dig two more strips four feet wide. I picked a few strawberries and raspberries before returning home for lunch. The image on the right shows the digging completed so far.

Friday 3rd

A bright and sunny morning at the allotment. I started on my new plot be defining the  grass path edge between my two plots. I then managed to mark-out, dig and weed two of my four foot  by twenty foot beds, leaving a three foot path area in between each bed. That took about three hours so I called it a day and went home for a light lunch.

Wednesday 1st

Another great morning at the allotment I managed to complete my Video tour of the allotment for the month of September see Video - Allotment Tours. and can also be found on You Tube. My wife joined me at the allotment  to start to clear the new plot ready for digging. We pulled the rest of the courgettes, Runner beans and did some weeding. We then returned home for a rest.


What needs doing this month


  • Order fruit trees and bushes for autumn delivery
  • Prepare planting sites
  • Control weeds around established trees
  • Place grease bands around apple and cherry trees to catch winter moths
  • Pick and store apples and pears as they mature
  • Cut out fruited blackberry and loganberry canes and train in new shoots
  • Spray cherries, peaches and nectarines.
  • Take gooseberry cuttings
  • Pick autumn-fruiting raspberries


  • Plant out spring cabbages.
  • Pick and take indoors the last of the tomatoes
  • Plant winter and spring lettuces
  • Cut remaining marrows and store in a dry, frost proof place.
  • Clear away pea and bean haulm and dig vacant ground.
  • Lift beetroot and store
  • Dig up a couple of roots of Parsley and move them to a frame for winter use. Alternatively pot up and take indoors on a windowsill.
  • Apply a general fertiliser to Brussels Sprouts and Winter Cabbage.
  • Cut back the top growth of Jerusalem Artichokes to ground level.
  • Lift Celeriac and store in boxes of sand in a cool place.
  • Sow round seeded Peas under cloches.
  • Begin double digging of any empty beds in preparation for next spring.
  • Harvest Jerusalem artichokes
  • Finish lifting all Potatoes before frost threatens.
  • Pick the last of the Runner beans and French beans before frost kills them off.
  • Late sowing of French beans should be covered with cloches.
  • Earth up Celery for the last time.
  • Plant out Spring Cabbages. Firm the soil well to avoid too much movement in winter winds.
  • Plant out garlic
  • Plant out strawberry plants for next year.
  • Order your manure ready for use.
  • Lift Seakale crowns and store in sand. They will keep like this until required for forcing.
  • Finish picking French and runner beans. Cover with fleece at night to protect from frost.
  • Sow winter lettuce under cloches


  • Take more cuttings of bay, lavender, putting them in pots of sand in a cold frame
  • Divide clumps of chives in mild weather
  • Divide roots of mint, re-planting some and potting others to grow in the greenhouse
  • Dig up fennel and place in boxes of peat to force in a cool greenhouse


  • Check heating equipment and thermostats
  • Cut down on ventilation
  • Water sparingly
  • Harvest tomatoes and sweet peppers
  • Sow lettuce for succession
  • Harvest grapes
  • Ripen new wood on peaches and nectarines


  • service mechanical machinery ready for spring
  • check the seed catalogues and order any seeds onion sets and plants required
  • check sundries like stakes, bean poles, canes, netting, fertilisers etc.
  • tidy up the shed while its still quite quiet.