September 2014

Tuesday 30th

Another bright morning at the allotment. I started by removing my leeks and beetroot from the bed next to the compost bins. I will freeze the leeks and preserve the beetroot for consumption later in the year. I then watered, raked, and compost the bed, and finally sowing green manure ready to over winter. This leaves my raised bed section more or less completed for this season, I just need to harvest my brassicas during the autumn and winter months. I hope to start on the new plot tomorrow.

Monday 29th

Some beds cleared and green manure added I visited the allotment this morning it was overcast, and there were a few showers while I was working at the allotment. I rotovated the potato bed , then composted ( I used the compost from some of my grow beds that were in the greenhouse and between the raised beds. Next I sowed some green manure to over- winter. I then removed my old French and Runner Beans, including some old beetroot and weeded the bed. I then composted the area and then sowed some more green manure to over- winter. The brown earth on the three beds in the image shows were I have sown the green manure.

Saturday 27th

Sweet Dumpling Harvest had a very productive morning at the allotment. I started by composting my grass cuttings and weeds from home. I then harvested my "sweet dumpling" squash and cleared the bed. Next I raked and composted the bed before sowing my green manure ready to over winter. I uncovered and watered the bed in which I grew my main crop potatoes as it was too dry to sow the green manure, I re-covered and will rake and sow on my next visit. Finally I spent some time trimming my tomatoes, removing my cucumber and melon plants and cleaning the greenhouse. Finally I returned home for lunch. The image on the right shows my Sweet Dumpling Harvest.

Monday 22nd

My Sweet Dumpling Squash Visited the allotment this morning. I also visited the plot over the last week just to water and harvest a few items. I spend most of my time harvesting Strawberries, lettuce, Beetroot, Tomatoes, Peppers, Runner Beans and Raspberries. I gave the greenhouse a good water and returned home for a light lunch. The image on the left show how my " Sweet Dumpling" squash and getting on, they are almost ready for harvesting.

Tuesday 14th

Strawberry runners potted upI visited the allotment this afternoon after visiting the swimming pool this morning.
I spent most of my time potting up strawberry runners ready to plant up a new strawberry bed next year. See image on the left.
I then cleared my Butternut squash plants as there was not a single fruit on them. My Sweet Dumplings pumpkins were a very different matter as they have Two or Three fruits on each plant. That's life !! I finally gave the whole allotment and greenhouse a good watering before calling it a day.

Monday 13th

Potaoes cleared from plot Another warm morning at the allotment. I managed to dig the rest of my main crop potatoes. The Maris piper had plenty of slug damage and some blight. I saved the best of them giving me 1/2 a sack. The King Edward had very little damage but only produced a small crop about 1/4 of a sack. The Dessire potatoes produced a fair crop of about 3/4 sack with very little slug damage. The image on the left shows the potatoes removed from my plot. I then cut the grass paths watered the greenhouse. I then removed the wind protection from around my courgettes and butternut squash. Finally harvested some salad crops before going home for a light lunch.

Monday 8th

Just got back from a few days away in the caravan. I visited the allotment today just to give the greenhouse a water and check on the crops. I then did some harvesting. I went home to do some needed tasks at home.

Monday 1st

Plot before removing potato foliage Well another month has arrived. The weather is warm and sunny, so another trip to the allotment. I cut back the potato stems on the new plot ready for digging next week. I then pulled the onions and carrots that were also growing on the new plot. The next job was to harvest the crops which included, ( carrots, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, cucumber, radishes, beetroot, courgettes, and runner beans). Finally I watered the greenhouse and some areas of the allotment before returning home for lunch. The image on the left shows the plot before removing the potato foliage from the left hand plot.


What needs doing this month


  • Plan for new planting season, and order trees. Choose late-flowering varieties for frosty areas.
  • Cut down grass around established trees
  • Prepare storage areas for storing apples and pears
  • Pick fruit in cool conditions before fully mature
  • Complete summer pruning of apples and pears.
  • Harvest blackberries and loganberries, cut away old growth, and tie in new.
  • Prune well-trained peaches and tie in new shoots
  • Spray cherries
  • Pick plums and damsons and prune trees
  • Pick September fruiting raspberries
  • Protect autumn fruiting strawberries against birds and slugs and cover with cloches in cold weather


  • Lift Carrots and Beetroot and place in store.
  • Transplant Lettuce sown last month to cold frame for winter use.
  • Continue to earth up Celery.
  • String up Onions or put in storage in net bags.
  • Lift a few plants of Endive and place in a frame. Cover with pots to blanch them.
  • Test Main crop Potatoes to see if they are ready for lifting. This is done by digging up a tuber and rubbing the skin to see if has set. If the skin does not rub off easily the Potatoes are ready for lifting.
  • Gather all outdoor Tomatoes including the green ones before they are damaged by frost. The green fruits can be ripened indoors on a sunny windowsill.
  • Ensure that ripening Onions are kept dry. Place them in a cold frame if necessary.
  • Lift, dry and store Shallots.
  • Feed Leeks with a general fertiliser.
  • Place excess Marrows in store. A good way of storing them is to place them in net bags in a cool dry place.
  • Sow green manures for overwinter growing.
  • Onions should now be ready for lifting and ripening.
  • Continue to pick French and Runner beans so that they do not become stringy.
  • Continue to earth up celery a little at a time.
  • Pick sweet corn as soon as it is ready. If left too long it will not be as sweet and will be starchy.
  • If the haulm of main crop potatoes have died down, lift, dry and store the tubers to prevent attacks by slugs or blight spores.


  • Sow parsley and chervil to provide a spring crop
  • Divide and replant clumps bergamot
  • Under glass take cuttings of bay and rue
  • Take cuttings of lavender and protect with a frame or cloche


  • Overhaul heating equipment
  • Ventilate and water carefully, as this is important
  • Remove permanent shading
  • Harvest tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers and aubergines
  • Harvest Melons when ripe
  • Prick out lettuce
  • Check temperature changes in greenhouses containing ripening fruit
  • check for pests and disease
  • Harvest peaches and nectarines


  • Cut grass paths
  • check plant supports for movement
  • Keep weeds down by hoeing
  • watch for slugs and pests
  • Check seed catalogues for next years seed requirements
  • Order seeds