June 2015

30th June

A visit to the allotment this morning again it was sunny and warm. I added another enviromesh to bed 4, this was to protect some more french beans and some salad seedlings from the elements, mainly wind. I then dug some more potatoes before returning home for lunch. I will return to the allotment tonight to feed and water my plants.

29th June

A nice warm and sunny morning at the allotment. I spent most of my time weeding, covering my first bed with enviromesh, to protect the seedlings from getting damaged by wind and predators. I dug some "Anya" potatoes to eat for lunch, and harvested another 6lb of strawberries. I returned in the evening to water the plot and also took a video of the allotment as can be seen above.

26th June

This morning at the allotment I spent my time cutting the grass paths on my allotment plot. I then organised the supports for the greenhouse tomatoes. Finally I picked some more strawberries before returning home for lunch. We will return to the allotment this evening to give the beds a good watering.

25th June

I spent the morning re-sowing my beetroot, perpetual spinach and carrots as they are not showing themselves and its been a while since they were sown. I then planted some celeriac that was given to me by another allotment holder. I then sowed some more french beans, lettuce and radishes and covered the seeds with wood to help keep the ground moist to help germinate the seeds. We will return to the allotment this evening to give the beds a good water.

24th June

Protecting my peas from birdsA good morning at the allotment. I spent most of my time building support and protection for my main pea crop ( two rows ). See image above left. It took almost three hours to complete this job, tasks certainly get slower as you get older. My other row of peas in the next bed got eaten so that's the end of them. I will need to sow something else in its place. not sure what yet. There were several tasks I wanted to do but I ran out of time. although I found time to harvest some more strawberries. Which we demolished when we had our lunch.

We returned to the allotment in the early evening to give the plots a good water and to pick another 4lb of strawberries. We blitzed the strawberries in a food processor with icing sugar and placed the puree into yoghurt pots to freeze to be used later in the year.

20th June

Spent my time this morning giving the plot a good weed and watering. At last! this year I have managed to get some parsnips to germinate and start to grow. I do not know the name of them as I used seed from a parsnip growing on another allotment holders plot. Hopefully I will have a decent row this year. I had to re-sow some of my runner beans and also some french beans that have not shown yet, they were originally sown on 13th May.

19th June

Brassicas planted in their growing positionsVisited the allotment this morning. I started by giving the greenhouse a good watering. I then secured my Brassicas cage and transplanted my Brassica seedlings into their growing position. The Brassicas I planted were ( Brussells Sprouts, Purple sprouting broccoli, Winter Cabbage, Calabraise and finally Cauliflower ) In total I planted 65 plants. I then picked another 8lb of strawberries some Pak Choi and new potatoes before going home for lunch. The image on the right shows my Brassica plants transplanted.

13th June

A quick visit to the allotment today as it was rather windy and drizzling with rain, we did have some rain over night but as usual not enough to improve the dry soil. I just tided up my old shed before retuning home.

12th June

Allotment grass paths cut Another bright but breezy morning at the allotment. I managed to repair my strimmer, so I used it to cut the grass paths and cut down some overgrown grass patches dotted around the allotment. See image on the left.

I then spent the rest of the time reinforcing the second shed that I tidied up yesterday.

Finally I watered the beds before returning home for lunch, I will need to pick some more strawberries on my next visit before they over ripen.

I decided to return to the allotment this afternoon to pick the strawberries as we are due to get some rain overnight, and if it happens to be heavy I did not want the strawberries to get damaged or start to rot. I managed to pick 4lb of some very sweet strawberries. It should last us a couple of days!

11th June

My wife joined me at the allotment today. The sun was shining and it was fairly warm. Between us we managed to give the plot a good watering, pick more strawberries, sorted out the newer shed by adding a shelf and putting the loose netting and other material items like fleece into more robust sacks ( old coal sacks that have never been used for carrying coal). The greenhouse was also given a birthday ( clean). The grass still needs cutting I will do that on my next visit. Quite a productive morning.

10th June

More runner beans plantedVery bright, but very windy at the allotment this morning. I was infested with ants and their eggs in the greenhouse I found that the raised bed in the greenhouse was bone dry from over the winter and the compost was like dust as only the top inch of compost was accepting the water when I watered the greenhouse. So I gave the bed a good watering ( about 40 gallons ) and mixing the compost as I watered, taking care not to damage the tomatoes and cucumbers that are growing there. Finally I added ant powder to kill off any remaining ants, lets hope that it has worked. I then planted out my tomato plants ( 6 Alacante and six Gardeners delight ) they are looking very poorly this year, I just hope they will survive, I will have to wait and see. I was given some runner bean plants so I set up the canes and planted them out next to my onions, garlic and shallots. See image on the right.Finally I gave the beds a good water before returning home for lunch.

8th June

Spent a couple a hours at the allotment mainly harvesting some new potatoes that where growing in the greenhouse, and strawberries. I finished by watering the greenhouse before returning home for lunch.

4th June

Tomato section ready for plantingA very warm and sunny morning at the allotment today. I started by adding protection to my peas, using hoop frames, and netting, and old buddleia sticks. see image on the left above.
The next task was to cut back all of my comfrey, I then added the chopped and broken leaves to an old water butt without water in it, to allow the comfrey to breakdown into plant food.
The next job was to get my planting holes ready for planting out my tomatoes later in the week, if the wind holds off. I added compost to the planting area and buried some old bottomless plastic bottles to aid the watering of the tomato plants, see image above right.
Finally I gave all my beds a good watering before picking some more strawberries and then returning home for lunch.

3rd June

I continued working on the Brassics cage by adding the netting to make a netted roof, my netting was a little short so I had to connect some more netting to cover the area, hopefully it will keep the butterflies off the Brassica plants once I have planted them. I then picked some more strawberries. Finally I watered my seedlings that are now starting to develop mainly ( Runner Beans, Peas, Courgettes, Spinach and Beetroot.) before retuning home for lunch.

1st June

Back at the allotment after a few days away in the caravan. I started by adding a frame to my Brassicas cage and then added some netting around the sides of the frame. I then picked some strawberries and Rhubarb before returning home for lunch.


What needs doing this month


  • Watch for pests and diseases
  • Thin fruit if crop is heavy
  • Harvest strawberries
  • Spray apples and pears, blackberries, loganberries, gooseberries, peaches and nectarines plums and damsons, cherries and raspberries.
  • Water and mulch to ensure sufficient water to apples pears and black currants.
  • Check weeds around trees and bushes growing in cultivated soil
  • Tie sacking around apple and pear trunks to catch apple blossom weevils.
  • Destroy fruits attacked by sawfly
  • Train in new blackberry and loganberry shoots
  • Summer prune gooseberries.
  • Tie in new wall-trained peach and nectarine shoots.
  • Protect fruiting plum,. damson and cherry trees, red currants, raspberries and strawberries against birds.
  • Anchor healthy strawberry runners so that they form new plants.
  • Summer prune outdoor vines.


  • Plant out Marrows and Courgettes in positions previously prepared.
  • Plant out Sweetcorn that has been started in the greenhouse or frame.
  • Continue to thin out Carrots, Beetroot, Endive and Chicory.
  • Plant out Celery and Celeriac grown in the greenhouse, into the prepared beds.
  • Sow white Turnips as a catch crop in-between rows of Peas.
  • Plant outdoor Tomatoes into prepared sites.
  • Continue to thin Carrots and Beetroot as needed.
  • Stop Cucumbers growing in frames. As the fruits form put a piece of slate or tile under it to keep it off the soil.
  • Remove any flower spikes that have grown on rhubarb.
  • Fold a leaf over any Cauliflowers that are beginning to form. This will help keep them clean.
  • Keep a general eye on crops for pests and spray as required.
  • Most herbs will now be at their peak and can be picked and stored for later use in cooking.
  • Ensure that beans are kept well watered and apply a mulch if not already done so.
  • Transplant Leeks to the previously prepared bed ready for winter use.
  • Transplant Savoy and January King Cabbages.
  • Sow more peas for a succession.
  • Continue to sow Lettuce and Radish.
  • Parsley can also be sown now for winter and spring use.
  • Asparagus has probably finished cropping now so apply a general fertiliser to the bed at the rate of 2oz to Sq. Yd.
  • Take out sides hoots of tomatoes (not the bush varieties though).
  • Stop cutting asparagus to allow the ferns to grow. Feed with a general fertiliser.
  • Earth up late potatoes and ensure that they are well watered.
  • Stop Cucumbers in frames by pinching out the growing tip. This encourages fruit bearing sides hoots to grow. These sides hoots should be stopped at the fourth leaf.
  • Pinch out the tips of Broad beans to encourage fruiting and prevent Blackfly from colonising the tip.
  • Thin out Spinach seedlings sown in May.
  • Lift early Potatoes and prepare the ground for planting Leeks.
  • Keep Onions and Shallots watered well and feed weekly with a general fertiliser.
  • Thin out Scorzonera and Salsify sown in May.
  • Keep French beans, runner beans and courgettes well watered.
  • Sow Swedes to overwinter.


  • Sow further rows of chervil and dill, thin established seedlings.
  • Control weeds by frequent hoeing.
  • Take and insert more rosemary and sage cuttings
  • Start picking herbs


  • Keep a check on temperatures by regulating the ventilation
  • Put up shading where necessary
  • Check watering requirements daily
  • Train tomatoes and cucumbers
  • Remove sides hoots from tomatoes
  • Water and feed carefully
  • Harden off aubergines, sweet peppers, marrows and ridge cucumbers.
  • Thin grapes
  • Water and feed peaches, nectarines and strawberries.


  • Cut grass paths
  • check plant supports for movement
  • Keep weeds down by hoeing
  • watch for slugs and pests