May 2015

23rd May

Continued at the allotment today. I started by sowing some cucumber, lettuce, squash into their growing positions. Next I covered my strawberry beds with netting to protect them from thebirds. Finally I picked a nice crop of asparagus and we ate them for our lunch. I managed to record  May's video update, once I have edited it  I will upload it to You Tube, and add a copy to the top of this page.

22nd May

New potatoes in bags doing wellI continued with the sowing of my crops, I managed to sow three rows of peas two containing Kelvden Wonder and the other row containing Sugar Ann. I also managed to sow my Parsnips with the seed taken from a parsnip flower last year as it was from another plot I do not know the name of the parsnips.  I then made composted raised planting mounds ready to plant some squash which I will do next month. I finally planted my tomatoes in the greenhouse and marked out the growing positions ready for the tomatoes that will be grown outdoors. The images on the left shows Potatoes growing in the greenhouse.

21st May

Another nice morning at the allotment I managed to sow some seeds directly into their growing position including Beetroot, perpetual Spinach, Carrots and finally courgettes.

19th May

Grass paths grass cut and edges weededA bright but windy morning the path edges. See image on the right.

Finally I harvested some asparagus and rhubarb for our dinner today. 

Hopefully I will get some sowing done tomorrow when I return to the allotment

I then returned home for lunch.

13th May

Errecting Brassica cageAnother bright and warm morning at the allotment today. I started  by tidying my beds that where rotavated on the 11th. I then set up my runner bean support, this year I am using bean netting. Next I made a trench and added chopped up comfrey to the base then some soil and compost and more soil to that trench, finally I planted a row of runner beans in the newly made trench across both four foot beds.

Next I planted some French Beans across eight square foot of the bed. My last job was to start erecting my Brassica cage. See image on left

11th May

Beds RotavatedReturned to the allotment this morning and managed to get my Rotavator started. I removed all the membrane covering the beds containing green manure,  I then managed to rotavate all my S.F.G. beds ready to start sowing my crops. see images above. Finally I watered the potatoes in the greenhouse before returning home for lunch.

6th May

Planted Pink Fir Apple main crop potatoesAnother warm and bright morning at the allotment.We have been away again in our caravan so this is the first visit to the allotment this month.  I managed to plant the last of my main crop potatoes " Pink Fir Apple" one row leaving the rest of the bed for pumpkins.

As we were away my asparagus was quite tall but I cut the top 8 inches to use as a vegetable and the rest I used to make asparagus soup.

I then picked the last of my of my Purple Sprouting Broccoli and removed and composted the plants, before finally picking rhubarb before returning home for lunch.


What needs doing this month

  • Watch for pests and control as necessary
  • Water fruit trees and bushes in dry weather while fruit is swelling
  • Bark ring apples and pears if necessary to encourage fruiting
  • Feed apples, pears, cherries, blackberries, loganberries, black currants, gooseberries,
  • peaches and nectarines, plums, damsons, raspberries and red currants.
  • Spray apples, pears, cherries, blackberries, black currants, gooseberries, peaches and
  • nectarines, strawberries.
  • Tie up new growth on blackberries and loganberries.
  • Control weeds around trees and bushes.
  • Start thinning fruit on well-trained trees.
  • Remove overcrowded and surplus shoots from raspberries and apply a mulch.
  • Protect Strawberry fruits with straw or paper collars and scatter slug pellets.
  • De-blossom immature and autumn-fruiting strawberry runners
  • Start summer pruning vines


  • Cover potatoes if frost threatens
  • Prepare sites for growing marrows and pumpkins
  • Prepare planting sites for tomatoes
  • Sow French beans
  • Keep up sowing of seeds such as beetroot, beans, leaf beet, sprouting broccoli, calabrese, cauliflower and kale to keep a succession of crops going.
  • Plant outdoor tomatoes but ensure that they have protection at night.
  • Sow Swede seeds.
  • Make sure that all vegetables under cloches are kept well watered.
  • Sow more peas for a succession of crop.
  • Plant Cucumbers in cold frames.
  • Potatoes should be earthed up regularly. A little general fertiliser sprinkled between the rows will help growth.
  • Sow sweet corn in blocks outdoors.
  • Transplant Brussels Sprouts previously grown in seedbeds or greenhouse.
  • Sow more Peas for a succession of crop.
  • Sow seeds of Broccoli (Calabrese) , Kale, Endive, Chicory, Swede, Courgettes and Pumpkins.
  • Sow Sweet corn direct into the soil where they are to mature.
  • Sow seeds of Lettuce and Radish for continuous crops.
  • Plant out Summer cabbages and Brussels Sprouts that have been previously grown in a cold frame.
  • Continue to hoe all beds to keep weeds down.
  • Thin Beetroot seedlings to about 9" apart or 6" if smaller baby beets are required.
  • Thin out Carrots previously sown and sow more for a succession of crop.
  • Plant out celery in blocks.
  • Once broad beans have stopped flowering, pinch out the tips as a prevention against Blackfly.


  • Cut herbs as required for use fresh or for drying. Sow more seeds if needed.
  • Sow basil now that the temperatures are higher.
  • Plant up a herb pot for use in the house.
  • Start to harvest the young shoots fennel, dill, chives and parsley. This will also help to encourage bushy new growth.
  • Sow seeds of chervil, coriander and parsley.


  • Sow melons,and cucumbers for outside cultivation
  • Sow sweet corn, marrows, courgettes, runner beans and French beans
  • Plant cucumbers and melons in an unheated greenhouse
  • Start vines in an unheated greenhouse and pollinate early starters
  • Thin peaches and nectarines
  • Pollinate strawberries
  • Check heaters and ventilators
  • Apply shading if necessary
  • Check for pests and diseases



  • check sundries like stakes, bean poles, canes, netting, fertilisers etc.
  • tidy up the shed while its still quite quiet.