My planned activities for this month - April

Activity Comment
Plant onion sets and Shallots. 05-04-16: Planted all onion sets and shallots in bed 14B
Sow Brassica seeds and leeks into allotment seed bed. 14-04-16: sown Leeks, Cabbages, Savoy, Brussels Sprouts, Cauliflower, Kale, and Calabraise
Plant Potatoes "Second Early" and "main Crop" 05-04-16: Planted Second Early Anya (24) and Charlotte (28). 21-04-16 Main crop "Pink Fir Apple" (15).
Plant out peas started in guttering plus sow peas directly in their growing position. 12-04-16: Planted out Peas in guttering 3x4ft rows "Early Onward" plus another 2 rows sown directly into growing position. Sown 3x4ft rows of "Onward"
Sow: Carrots, Beetroot, Spinach directly in their growing positions 14-04-16: Sown Spinach and Beetroot's into modules
Greenhouse Sowing: Sweetcorn, Courgettes, Runner and French Beans 14-04-16: sown six Courgettes into modules

April 2016

26th April

Visited the allotment this morning which contained weather for all seasons we had Wind Rain Sleet and Sun. I started by videoing my monthly allotment tour for April 2016, which has been edited and uploaded to You Tube and can also be found in the Video section under allotment Tours. After that was completed, I cut and trimmed the grass paths as they were starting to look shabby. Once that was completed I returned home for lunch.

22nd April

Started weeding strawberries and clearing my paths

The weather was overcast, a little chilly and windy today. I spent my time this morning weeding my strawberry beds (Bed 8A and 8B) and started clearing and weeding the paths between the beds. See image on the right. I also managed to weed Beds 9A and 9B ready to plant the rest of my main crop potatoes once the Broccoli has been lifted. I then harvested some Rhubarb for lunch.

21st April

First Early Potatoes looking healthy

Just got back from a few days away in the caravan. So first visit to the allotment today. The weather was sunny and warm. I started by giving my crops a good water and making sure that they were healthy. I then spent my time planting my first lot of main crop potatoes " Pink Fir Apple" I planted three potatoes to a pot and added them to where my first and second early potatoes have been planted Bed 10A. The image shows my early potatoes in Bed 10A growing nicely. Finally I harvested some Broccoli and Rhubarb. It was then time to return home for lunch.

14th April

Brassicas sown in seed bed

I had a great morning at the allotment, the weather was sunny with a little wind. I spent my time sowing seeds, firstly I sowed my Brassicas and Leeks in a seed bed outside on the allotment, this was then covered with Fleece, which is illustrated by the image on the right. I sowed some Spinach, Beetroot and Courgettes into modules in the greenhouse. Finally I sowed some Sweet Peas directly into their growing position at the top of my plot. I have still got a mountain of seeds to sow which I hope to complete tomorrow. It was then time to return home for lunch.

13th April

Plants planted up in the greenhouse

I had a good morning at the allotment, the weather was sunny and warm. I spent my time planting up my pot and module grown plants into their growing position within the greenhouse. as these plants will be grown in the greenhouse these include: Tomatoes, Peppers, Melons, Spring Onions. I then earthed up New potatoes growing in the greenhouse, the compost is now at the top of the potato bags. Finally I harvested some Rhubarb and Broccoli before returning home for lunch. The image on the left shows some of the plants potted up.

12th April

Peas planted and sown for the season

I had a productive morning at the allotment, the weather was sunny although we had a lot of rain overnight. I spent the morning sowing and planting my peas for the coming season. I planted three rows from the peas sown in guttering plus another five rows of peas sown directly in their growing position. I then spent the rest of the morning adding supports and protection for the peas. This is illustrated by the image on the right. I have made a video covering the sowing and planting of peas that will be uploaded once edited. This can be found in the video section " From The Allotment Shed" called "Sowing and planting Peas" and can also be found on You Tube.

7th April

Tomatoes planted in growing position Rubarb picked for lunch

Just a quick visit to the allotment this morning I was going to sow and plant my Peas that have already been sown in guttering, but it was very cold and windy so I decided to plant them later in the month. My early "Red Robin" bush tomatoes are starting to show there flowers so I transplanted them into their growing pots. Finally I harvested some Rhubarb and some more Broccoli before returning home for a nice cup of tea.

5th April

Onion and Shallots planted

I had a productive morning at the allotment, the weather was dry and quite warm. I started by raking Bed 14B and then I planted my Onion Sets and Shallots in that bed, They were then covered with netting to stop the birds pulling out the onions thinking that they are worms. This is illustrated by the image on the left. Next I planted out my second early potatoes "Anya", these were planted into pots the same as my first early potatoes. Next I planted out my other second early potatoes "Charlotte", however these potatoes were planted conventionally. It was then time to return home for lunch so I harvested some lettuce and Broccoli before I left.

4th April

Sived comnpost added to pea bed

Just a quick visit to the allotment this morning mainly to harvest by Pea Shoots ready for lunch. I decided to make a video " Sowing and Harvesting Pea Shoots" Which has now been uploaded to You Tube and can also be found in the video section under "From The Allotment Shed".


What needs doing this month


  • Watch flowering and setting of apples, pears, plums, and cherries to ascertain probable size of crop.
  • Keep a watch for pests on flowers and fruit lets
  • Check the cross pollination is effective.
  • Protect wall trees and soft fruit bushes against frost while in bloom.
  • Plant late-flowering strawberries.
  • Check tree ties and stakes to prevent rocking.
  • Mulch around trees and water newly planted fruit.
  • Spray apples, black currants, peaches, and nectarines, pears, plums and strawberries.
  • Give a fine spray of water to open peach and nectarine flowers to help setting.
  • Ensure that pollinating insects can reach flowers on cloched strawberries.
  • Remove flowers from immature and autumn -fruiting runners


  • Sow Asparagus seed
  • Continue to sow Lettuce, Radish, Carrots and Peas.
  • It is probably a bit early to sow French beans but if the weather is mild try sowing a few under cloches for an early crop
  • Sow Beetroot for an early crop.
  • Most Brassicas ( Cabbage, Broccoli, Kale ) can now be sown.
  • Continue to plant chitted potatoes.
  • Sow Salsify and Scorzonera.
  • Earth up any Potatoes that are beginning to come through.
  • Put up supports for Runner beans over the previously prepared trenches.
  • Continue hoeing all beds to prevent weeds.
  • Most hardy vegetable seeds can be sown now.
  • Plant out chitted potatoes if the weather is mild and the ground is not waterlogged.
  • Plant Asparagus crowns in the bed prepared previously.
  • Brussels Sprouts sown earlier in the frame or greenhouse can be transplanted to open ground.
  • Ensure that the soil is firmed well after planting.
  • Sprouting Broccoli should now be ready for picking. Pick regularly to ensure continued growth of new shoots.
  • Complete the planting of early Potatoes and start to plant Main crop.
  • Thin out early vegetables sown under cloches.
  • Plant out seedlings of Broad beans and peas that have previously been hardened off.
  • Sow Parsley for summer use.
  • Thin out Parsnip that were sown last month.
  • Hoe any seed beds to ensure that no weeds appear to suffocate the seedlings and to ensure the soil is aerated.
  • Erect protection (or use fleece) around Carrots against Carrot Fly
  • Plant final main crop. Potatoes.
  • Prepare trenches for Runner Beans by incorporating plenty of manure or compost.
  • Plant onion sets
  • Transplant Onions that were sown in the greenhouse in December to their final positions.


  • Sow melons, cucumbers and tomatoes for outside cultivation
  • Sow sweet corn, marrows, courgettes, runner beans and French beans
  • Plant cucumbers and melons in an unheated greenhouse
  • Start vines in an unheated greenhouse and pollinate early starters
  • Thin peaches and nectarines
  • Pollinate strawberries
  • Check heaters and ventilators
  • Apply shading if necessary
  • Check for pests and diseases


  • Sow small amounts of dill, fennel, marjoram, and thyme.
  • Make further sowing of parsley.
  • Thin seeds sown in March
  • Hoe to prevent weeds.
  • Plant out rooted cuttings of bay, lavender, mint, rosemary, and sage.


  • Keep an eye out for slugs on early sowing in cloches.
  • Have you cleaned your shed yet?
  • Is your equipment working ready for the spring?
  • is it time to give your grass paths a cut