My planned activities for this month - August

Activity Comment
Clear Second Early Potatoes  
Start Clearing Main Crop Potatoes  
Clear crops as they finish producing 17-08-16:Cleared Courgettes and Squash
Add Epsom Salts to Raspberry plants 10-08-16: completed task.

Allotment Blog August 2016

26th August

Leeks doing OK just need a weed

Just a quick visit to the allotment today. I spent my time giving the beds and greenhouses a good water, while my wife harvested some crops including; Tomatoes, Peppers, Runner Beans. The image shows our leeks growing OK after a good water although you can still see cracks in the soil. We then called it a day and returned home for lunch.

22nd August

Baby Corn Harvest

My wife and I had a good morning at the allotment. We started by picking the Baby Sweetcorn. We then cleared the Sweetcorn plants, chopped them up and added them to the compost bin. Next we cleared the last lot of the potato leaves and stems from the "Cara" main crop potatoes, and as soon as my plaster cast comes off, I will harvest all the potatoes, this should take place in the second week in September. Finally we harvested some Tomatoes, RunnerBeans and Peppers before returning home for lunch. The Baby Sweetcorn can be seen in the image.

17th August

View of plot from the bottom end

To day we cleared the courgettes and Squash bed and gave it a good water ready for sowing green manure ( mustard ) in the near future. The Baby Sweetcorn is almost ready for harvest as can be seen on the left of the image. The second set of Runner beans that is shown on the right of the image are now starting to produce beans. I will be harvesting my Parsnips soon as they are quite large, these will be portioned up and frozen and stored.

15th August

Brassicas Bed Weeded

Today my wife joined me at the allotment. She spent most of her time harvesting a selection of crops. While I watered the greenhouses and beds, and managed to give the grass paths a cut. We then spent some time weeding the Brassicas bed that can be seen in the image.

10th August

Another warn morning at the allotment. My wife joined me at the allotment as I will be in plaster up until at least the 5th September. We started by watering the greenhouses and all the outdoor beds. We also harvested some salad crops including Lettuce, Tomatoes, Radish and Beetroot. Vegetables including Runner Beans, Parsnips. We then removed the foliage from my main crop Potatoes. Finally we cut back the old Rhubarb and Comfrey Plants. I finally added Epsom Salts to my Raspberries.

4th August

Harvest of Onions and Shallots

Not much done lately at the allotment due to a broken arm. Today my wife joined me at the allotment mainly to harvest my onions and shallots, which was our first task and can be seen in the image. Next we harvested a number of different crops, including Courgettes, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, and other salad items, and a good quantity of Runner Beans. Finally we watered the greenhouses before returning home for lunch. I have not uploaded a video of the allotment for July yet as it is getting late in the month.


What needs doing this month


  • Pick early apples and pears while under-ripe.
  • Summer prune restricted forms of apples and pears.
  • Pick loganberries, cut out fruited shoots, and tie in new shoots.
  • Spray black currant's and cherries.
  • Prune fruited shoots of wall-trained peaches.
  • Support heavily laden plum branches and complete pruning.
  • Protect September fruiting raspberries against birds and wasps.
  • Plant rooted strawberry runners.
  • Protect ripening grapes with glass.


  • Cut Marrows and Courgette's as they are needed.
  • Thin out sowing of Spinach and Sea kale sown last month.
  • Gather French and Runner beans while young and tender.
  • If there is any bare ground without a crop in it, consider planting a green manure such as Rape or Mustard to help with the soil fertility next year.
  • Sow Onion seed in a cold frame for transplanting in Spring.
  • Sow Spring salad onions such as White Lisbon.
  • Continue to watch for Blight on Potatoes and spray with a fungicide if found. It is also worth checking outdoor Tomatoes for signs of this disease as they are part of the same family so can also get it.
  • Start to blanch Celery by wrapping the shoots in newspaper or corrugated cardboard and earth up the plants.
  • Make sowing of Chinese leaves, leaf beet and spinach for crops into autumn and winter.
  • Sow seeds of spring cabbages
  • Pick runner beans frequently to encourage more flowering and keep well watered to prevent flower drop.
  • Keep an eye on Brassicas for white fly. Spray at first signs to keep down infestations.
  • Continue to keep Celery and Runner beans well watered. They will benefit from a feed at this time.
  • Japanese Onions sown last Autumn should now be ready for lifting. Place on trays to ripen in the sun.
  • Keep an eye on Peas for Mildew, spray with fungicide at first sign of infection.
  • Sow Spring Cabbage seeds.
  • Make a further sowing of Lettuce for late Autumn use.
  • Cut Cucumbers in frames as they mature.
  • Continue to feed outdoor Tomatoes and remove some of the lower leaves to allow the sun to ripen the fruit
  • Brussels Sprouts and other winter greens will benefit from a feed of general fertiliser sprinkled around the base of each plant. Do not let it touch the leaves or they may scorch.
  • Sow more winter salads and Chinese leaves.
  • Cut back the stems of potatoes, particularly if they are showing signs of blight, and lift the first main crop varieties. If slugs are causing problems, consider lifting all of them and placing in storage.
  • Stake Brussels sprouts as they get bigger to prevent them from rocking in the wind and becoming loose.



  • Take cuttings of bay, lavender, mint, rosemary, rue and sage, and insert in sandy soil in
  • open ground, or in pots in a cold frame.
  • Divide chives every fourth year.
  • Collect and dry dill and fennel seeds.
  • Store dried herbs before they have had time to re-absorb moisture


  • Keep the greenhouse cool by careful shading and ventilation
  • Water Carefully throughout the month
  • Sow lettuce for winter cropping
  • Harvest tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers and aubergines
  • Train, feed and side shoot tomatoes
  • Train and feed cucumbers
  • Water a feed vines carefully
  • Harvest peaches and nectarines
  • Harvest strawberries
  • Pot up newly rooted strawberry runners.


  • Cut grass paths
  • check plant supports for movement
  • Keep weeds down by hoeing
  • watch for slugs and pests