My planned activities for this month - May

Activity Comment
Urgent: Finish planting Main Crop Potatoes 09-05-16: completed main crop potato planting, Desiree (37) 4 Rows Bed 9A, Cara (27) 4 Rows Bed 9B, Sarpo Mira (8) 1 row Bed 7B
Add Runner Beans support canes 24-05-16: completed Runner Bean cane erection and sowed enough seed for 26 runner-bean plants
Sow Runner Beans and French Beans in their growing positions 06-05-16; sown 37 runner beans in modules. 24-05-16: Sowed enough seed for 26 runner-bean plants directly into their growing position
Finish sowing vegetable seeds in modules 06-05-16; sown in modules: Cress, Coriander, Rocket, Cucamelon, Early Sprouting Broccoli, Chives, Swiss Chard, Baby Sweetcorn.
Gutter Sow another batch of Peas to replace peas eaten by mice. 06-05-16; sown three Gutters with Peas.
Continue sowing lettuce Spring onions and radishes 06-05-16; sown Mixed Lettuce, Spring Onions,
Sow Squash and pumpkins directly in their growing position 06-05-16; sown Pumpkins into modules (8)
Weed 2nd strawberry bed and feed 11-05-16: weeded the strawberry bed and will feed on next visit.
Weed bed 4 and clear ready for planting 11-05-16: Weeded Bed 4 ready for planting over the next week.
Clear paths containing grass and weeds 12-05-16: started clearing and repairing paths between raised beds
Weed Asparagus bed  
Sow Swede, French Beans in their growing position  

May 2016

26th May

Runner Bean canes errected and Bean plants sown

A great morning at the allotment I started by planting out some Runner beans I had growing in modules. The image shows my bean canes erected, and beans planted. Next I planted some marigolds with both sets of runner beans and also a wicking pot for each greenhouse, to try and deter pests. I gave both greenhouses a good water. I then made my monthly tour video which will be found in the video section under allotment tours and also on you tube. I then called it a day and returned home for a cup of tea.

25th May

More Early and Second early potatoes growing

Overcast this morning at the allotment sky looking as though it is about to rain, but it stayed dry. I started by covering the rest of my strawberries with netting to protect them from the birds. Next I planted out another three sets of peas that had been started in guttering, this gives my six rows of peas. I then harvested the rest of my early potatoes that were started in the greenhouse in February, I managed to get more than the last harvest, 4lb in total from the two bags. Next I mixed sand with the compost that was used to grow my early potatoes and then used the bags with the composted and sand added to sow some more carrots, which I completed. Finally I weeded the second early potatoes ( Charlotte) The image shows some of my Early and second early potatoes growing outside in pots. It was then time to return home for lunch.

24th May

Runner Bean canes errected and Bean seed sown

A great morning at the allotment I started by rotavating bed ready for Runner beans. Erected the bamboo canes to support the Beans, and then I sowed enough bean seed for 26 plants. My next task was to erect support for the netting to cover my two beds of Strawberry plants. I managed to complete half this task before returning home for lunch I hope to finish this task first thing tomorrow. The image shows my bean canes erected, and beans have been sown

23rd May

Sweetcorn Squash amd Courgettes planted

Another morning at the allotment weather was warm and sunny. I spent most of my time planting. Firstly my sweetcorn (forty plants) and these can be seen in the bottom section of the image. I also planted out my Courgettes (six plants) and I have also sown Pumpkin seeds in situ enough for six plants. These were then covered in enviromesh to help protect them from wind and any cold spells. This can be seen in the top part of the image. I spent some more time clearing some more of the paths between the raised beds. I then called it a day and went home for lunch.

20th May

First early Potatoes

Another good morning at the allotment, weather was warm and sunny I harvested my first lot of Early Potatoes "Vanessa", this was from seed I saved from last years crop of early potatoes. I was A little disappointed with only 2lb of potatoes from two potato bags. Image shows the large crop of potatoes harvested. They did taste nice. The compost in the potato bag was then mixed with sand and used to sow some more carrots. I spent the rest of the morning watering my greenhouse pots.

17th May

Grass Paths Cut

Another good but short morning at the allotment weather was warm and sunny. I spent most of my time cutting the grass paths around my plots and trimming the edges see image. I then cleared some of my wicking pots that had finished producing crops and then refilled them with some fresh compost, ready for replanting.

16th May

planted out my Spinage and Beetroot

Another good morning at the allotment weather was warm but a little overcast. I started by filling my new wicking pots that were made on the 13th May with a mixture of compost and sand, once filled I sowed some carrots a few seeds every two inches which will be thinned down to one seedling per two inches as they develop. I then covered them with some fleece to protect the seeds and then hopefully seedlings from any wind and cold spells.

The next task was to plant out by Spinach and Beetroot seedlings that where growing in the shed. I used the square Foot Gardening method of spacing with the Spinach (40) planted four per Square foot giving them 6in space between each plant and the Beetroot (40) nine plants per square foot giving them 4in between each plant. I also sowed some more Beetroot seed using the same spacing. Finally I covered the seedlings with fleece, had a tidy up and returned home for lunch. The image shows the planted seedlings.

13th May

Made large wicking pots just need to add compost.

A great morning at the allotment, the weather was sunny and warm although there was a cool breeze. I spent my time this morning building a couple of large wicking pots as can be seen from the image. The reservoir is about 4in deep covering about 98% of the base. The ice-cream containers in the center and any space around the outside of the reservoir will be filled with compost to act as the wick to bring the moisture up into the growing medium. I just need to add the compost for wicking and also as a growing medium. This year I will be growing carrots in the wicking pots, so they will be filled with a mixture of compost and sand for easy drainage. I could not be bothered to do any other jobs so I just harvested some salad items ready for lunch.

12th May

Seeds and seedlings growing in the shed.

A great morning at the allotment The weather was sunny and warm, another morning working in my shirt sleeves. I spent the morning removing weeds and dirt patches from my paths, between the raised beds. I had do do some repair work as well. I then spent some time watering a variety of crops that are growing out on the beds. The image shows my seedlings doing well on my work bench in the shed. I will be planting out the two trays on the left side of the image within the next week. (Spinach and Rhubarb).

11th May

Strawberry bed weeded. Parsnip bed weeded

Very misty at the allotment this morning and rather damp. I started by weeding the Strawberry bed and also managed to remove some of the weeds on the paths each side of the strawberry bed , but still more sweeping and weeding needed on the paths. See the first image. Next I cleared my Celeriac which I will turn into soup and freeze I then weeded the bed containing the Parsnips that had been growing under fleece. See second image. I am hoping to clear my paths on my next visit. Finally I harvested some lettuce, spring onions, beetroot, and rhubarb before returning home for lunch.

10th May

Harvest of my first crop of asparagus.

Just a short visit to the allotment this morning as we have had a fare bit of rain overnight and it is still raining this morning. So I did some work in the greenhouse to help support the cucumbers, and then harvested the first crop of Asparagus and some Rhubarb, as can be seen from the image. I then made a quick exit home for a nice cup of tea.

9th May

Planted main crop potatoes

Another fantastic morning at the allotment, working again in my shirt sleeves. I spent the most of the morning planting out my main crop potatoes. I started by rotavating the old Brassicas bed, then I planted my main crop potatoes, see comments above, showing varieties and number of potatoes planted. Next I cleared my Radishes and the lettuce that was over wintered from my wicking pots and sowed some more French Beans and Radishes in the wicking pots for another early crop. Finally I harvested some more Pea shoots, Lettuce, Radish for lunch, after four hours I decided to call it a day, and went home to eat the salad items.

6th May

Early Crops growing the the older grerenhouse

Another fantastic morning at the allotment, working again in my shirt sleeves. I spent the bulk of the morning sowing the vast majority of my seeds required for the main growing season. The seeds sown are listed in the to do list comment section above.

The next task was to clear my Early Sprouting Broccoli, to make room for planting my main crop Potatoes. So I harvested the remaining Broccoli and composted all the soft green stems and leaves saving the stalks to be chopped up later.

Finally I harvested some salad items for lunch today which included Pea Shoots, Lettuce, Radish, and Spring onions that were growing the the greenhouse see image on the left which shows the older greenhouse with a selection of crops ready for harvesting.

4th May

Back at the allotment today after a week away in our caravan. It is a fantastic morning, I am working in my shirt sleeves, the weather is sunny, warm, and with no wind, just like summer. I started by sorting out the two greenhouses.

The newest is where I will be growing my tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. The tomatoes have been placed in their growing position and support string added to support the tomatoes as they grow. These tomatoes have been placed down each side of the greenhouse. The bush tomatoes that do not need any support are placed in the centre of the greenhouse with the Peppers. The Cucumbers will be supported with Bean netting and will be situated at the rear of the greenhouse. This can be seen by viewing the large image at the top of this page.

The older greenhouse is being used for growing my Melons, these are placed at the rear of the greenhouse supported with trellis so they can climb. All my early salad crops and early greenhouse grown potatoes are arranged around the edge of the greenhouse. I will now have to use my shed to sow any more vegetable seeds.


What needs doing this month

  • Watch for pests and control as necessary
  • Water fruit trees and bushes in dry weather while fruit is swelling
  • Bark ring apples and pears if necessary to encourage fruiting
  • Feed apples, pears, cherries, blackberries, loganberries, black currants, gooseberries,
  • peaches and nectarines, plums, damsons, raspberries and red currants.
  • Spray apples, pears, cherries, blackberries, black currants, gooseberries, peaches and
  • nectarines, strawberries.
  • Tie up new growth on blackberries and loganberries.
  • Control weeds around trees and bushes.
  • Start thinning fruit on well-trained trees.
  • Remove overcrowded and surplus shoots from raspberries and apply a mulch.
  • Protect Strawberry fruits with straw or paper collars and scatter slug pellets.
  • De-blossom immature and autumn-fruiting strawberry runners
  • Start summer pruning vines


  • Cover potatoes if frost threatens
  • Prepare sites for growing marrows and pumpkins
  • Prepare planting sites for tomatoes
  • Sow French beans
  • Keep up sowing of seeds such as beetroot, beans, leaf beet, sprouting broccoli, calabrese, cauliflower and kale to keep a succession of crops going.
  • Plant outdoor tomatoes but ensure that they have protection at night.
  • Sow Swede seeds.
  • Make sure that all vegetables under cloches are kept well watered.
  • Sow more peas for a succession of crop.
  • Plant Cucumbers in cold frames.
  • Potatoes should be earthed up regularly. A little general fertiliser sprinkled between the rows will help growth.
  • Sow sweet corn in blocks outdoors.
  • Transplant Brussels Sprouts previously grown in seedbeds or greenhouse.
  • Sow more Peas for a succession of crop.
  • Sow seeds of Broccoli (Calabrese) , Kale, Endive, Chicory, Swede, Courgettes and Pumpkins.
  • Sow Sweet corn direct into the soil where they are to mature.
  • Sow seeds of Lettuce and Radish for continuous crops.
  • Plant out Summer cabbages and Brussels Sprouts that have been previously grown in a cold frame.
  • Continue to hoe all beds to keep weeds down.
  • Thin Beetroot seedlings to about 9" apart or 6" if smaller baby beets are required.
  • Thin out Carrots previously sown and sow more for a succession of crop.
  • Plant out celery in blocks.
  • Once broad beans have stopped flowering, pinch out the tips as a prevention against Black-fly.


  • Cut herbs as required for use fresh or for drying. Sow more seeds if needed.
  • Sow basil now that the temperatures are higher.
  • Plant up a herb pot for use in the house.
  • Start to harvest the young shoots fennel, dill, chives and parsley. This will also help to encourage bushy new growth.
  • Sow seeds of chervil, coriander and parsley.


  • Sow melons,and cucumbers for outside cultivation
  • Sow sweet corn, marrows, courgettes, runner beans and French beans
  • Plant cucumbers and melons in an unheated greenhouse
  • Start vines in an unheated greenhouse and pollinate early starters
  • Thin peaches and nectarines
  • Pollinate strawberries
  • Check heaters and ventilators
  • Apply shading if necessary
  • Check for pests and diseases



  • check sundries like stakes, bean poles, canes, netting, fertilisers etc.
  • tidy up the shed while its still quite quiet.