My planned activities for this month - October

Activity Comment
Harvest Potatoes 25-10-16: Cleared Charlotte potatoes (26lb) and Sarpo Mira (7lb)
Improve height of Raised Beds 10-10-16: Beds 2 and 6 completed.
Clear crops: Beans, Parsnips, Spinach, Beetroot  
Add Green Manure or compost and cover beds 10-10-16: Beds 2 and 6 completed.
Tidy Grass edges and weed around beds and paths  
Make Net storage behind old shed  

October 2016

25th October

Charlotte Potaoes & Sarpo Mira Potatoes Dug

Visited the allotment today and my main job was to start digging up my potatoes that are still in the ground. First I added grass cuttings and old plants from home to my compost bins and checked up on my green manure, all is growing OK. I then set about digging up my one bed of potatoes. These were my second early potatoes Charlotte, I managed only after removing any slug or Green damaged 26lb of potatoes. I also had one row of Sarpo Mira which were also dug. The Sarpo Mira were very poor, small in size and also the larger potatoes were infected with blight I only managed 7lb of potatoes after removing infected and damaged potatoes.

21st October

Mustard Green Manure growing

Visited the allotment this morning after a ten day break due to the fact I have now broken my big toe. It happened as I was chopping up my Parsnips ready to freeze them for storage. The Granite chopping board slid off the bench and dropped on my toe. Hopefully this will be the last accident for at least 2016. All I did at the allotment was to check my green manure, and harvested some Cabbages and Carrots. The image shows my green manure growing (Mustard).

11th October

Parsnip and Beetroot harvest. Clearing Parsnip, Beetroot and Spinach Bed

Visited the allotment this morning. I started by clearing my Beetroots, these will be taken home and stored in boxes containing sand in a dark place in the garage. Next I removed the Spinach and added it to the compost bin. Finally I dug all my Parsnips, I saved a dozen for my self and gave the rest away. My Parsnips will be peeled and portioned and stored in the freezer, until required. On my next visit I will compost and sow green manure to the bed. Then add another row of timber to bring the raised bed up to 30cm. The images shows the bed being cleared and the beetroot and Parsnips ready to be taken home to be processes and stored.

10th October

sown Mustard Green Manure

Made another visit to the allotment this morning. I spent all my time sowing Green Manure "Mustard" I covered with Bulders' Mesh to try and deter pigeons from eating the Mustard Seeds. The cover will be removed once the plants are established. Next I added extra timber to the raised bed to bring the wooden sides up to 30cm. Finally I gave the bed a good water before returning home for lunch. The image illustrates the builders' mesh over the sown Mustard.

5th October

sown Field Beans Green Manure

Made another visit to the allotment this morning. I spent all my time sowing Green Manure "Field Beans" I covered with Environmesh to try and deter mice from eating the Beans. The cover will be removed once the plants are established. Finally I gave the bed a good water before returning home for lunch. The image illustrates the mesh over the sown Beans.

3rd October

Caulifower harvest. Clearing Cauliflower Bed

Visited the allotment this morning. I started by videoing my allotment tour for the month of September, which has now been uploaded to my vebsite and You Tube. Next I harvested a cabbage for lunch. Next I decided to harvest the rest of my Cauliflowers and they were rather poor in quality. Finally I cleared the cauliflower bed and added the large hoops to the Purple Sprouting Broccoli bed as they needed extra high protection. I then returned home for lunch and produced the September allotment tour video.


What needs doing this month


  • Order fruit trees and bushes for autumn delivery
  • Prepare planting sites
  • Control weeds around established trees
  • Place grease bands around apple and cherry trees to catch winter moths
  • Pick and store apples and pears as they mature
  • Cut out fruited blackberry and loganberry canes and train in new shoots
  • Spray cherries, peaches and nectarines.
  • Take gooseberry cuttings
  • Pick autumn-fruiting raspberries


  • Plant out spring cabbages.
  • Pick and take indoors the last of the tomatoes
  • Plant winter and spring lettuces
  • Cut remaining marrows and store in a dry, frost proof place.
  • Clear away pea and bean haulm and dig vacant ground.
  • Lift beetroot and store
  • Dig up a couple of roots of Parsley and move them to a frame for winter use. Alternatively pot up and take indoors on a windowsill.
  • Apply a general fertiliser to Brussels Sprouts and Winter Cabbage.
  • Cut back the top growth of Jerusalem Artichokes to ground level.
  • Lift Celeriac and store in boxes of sand in a cool place.
  • Sow round seeded Peas under cloches.
  • Begin double digging of any empty beds in preparation for next spring.
  • Harvest Jerusalem artichokes
  • Finish lifting all Potatoes before frost threatens.
  • Pick the last of the Runner beans and French beans before frost kills them off.
  • Late sowing of French beans should be covered with cloches.
  • Earth up Celery for the last time.
  • Plant out Spring Cabbages. Firm the soil well to avoid too much movement in winter winds.
  • Plant out garlic
  • Plant out strawberry plants for next year.
  • Order your manure ready for use.
  • Lift Seakale crowns and store in sand. They will keep like this until required for forcing.
  • Finish picking French and runner beans. Cover with fleece at night to protect from frost.
  • Sow winter lettuce under cloches


  • Take more cuttings of bay, lavender, putting them in pots of sand in a cold frame
  • Divide clumps of chives in mild weather
  • Divide roots of mint, re-planting some and potting others to grow in the greenhouse
  • Dig up fennel and place in boxes of peat to force in a cool greenhouse


  • Check heating equipment and thermostats
  • Cut down on ventilation
  • Water sparingly
  • Harvest tomatoes and sweet peppers
  • Sow lettuce for succession
  • Harvest grapes
  • Ripen new wood on peaches and nectarines


  • service mechanical machinery ready for spring
  • check the seed catalogues and order any seeds onion sets and plants required
  • check sundries like stakes, bean poles, canes, netting, fertilisers etc.
  • tidy up the shed while its still quite quiet.