My planned activities for this month - September

Activity Comment
Must get the Potatoes dug up this month  
Clean up tomatoes 26-09-16: Cleared Tomatoes. from new greenhouse.
Empty unused wicking pots 26-09-16: Cleared W.P. from new greenhouse. 27-09-16: Cleared rest of W.P.
Build up SFG beds using timber from other plot. 28-09-16: Completed Bed 2
Harvest and store/freeze Beets and Parsnips  

Allotment Blog September 2016

28th September

Leeks prepared ready for washing and freezing. Bed 2 cleared and extra timber added and secured

This morning my first task was to harvest the Leeks, once lifted I trimmed and cleaned them ready for taking home to wash, blanch, and freeze. The next job was to secure the extra layer of timber added to the bed, which has now been completed. Finally I gave the bed a good water ready for sowing green manure on the next visit. I then decided to dig one plant of my Charlotte potatoes. It was then time for lunch.

27th September

 Preparing Bed 2, ready for sowing Green Manure

Another good morning at the Allotment. I started by clearing the rest of my Wicking Pots and spreading the compost from the pots onto my beds ready to sow Green Manure. On Bed Two I moved my carrots that are growing in containers onto another bed, so that I could prepare Bed 2 for sowing the Green Manure. I then added some more timber to increase the height of the bed, this will be screwed together on my next visit. My Leeks on Bed 2 are showing signs of rust so I will harvest them on my next visit and freeze them for eating later in the year. Finally I gave bed two a good water before returning home for lunch.

26th September

 Wicking Pots removed from Greenhouse 2

Finally returned to the allotment today. I still have not got full use of my left wrist and still cannot lift anything with it. However I spent a couple of hours removing my Tomato, Cucumber, and Pepper plants from the greenhouse and adding them to the compost bin. I then removed all the compost from the Wicking Pots which the plants were grown in and added that compost to my raised beds, Which will be sown with Green Manure over the next few days. The image shows my cleared Greenhouse. I then returned home for my lunch

12th September

 Dug a few of my potatoes

My wife and I visited the allotment this morning we managed to dig up some Pink Fir Apple Potatoes that were grown in pots, also a few Cara that were grown conventionally. The image shows the potatoes that were dug , we only dug enough to carry home as I still cannot drive. Next we harvested some lettuce and carrots. Finally we gave some of the crops a good water, before returning home for lunch.

8th September

 Potates Need Digging, Brassicas doing well

First day back at the allotment for this month. I have now had my plaster cast removed but have now got a splint that I need to keep on for the next six weeks. I will not be able to dig up my potates for at least another couple of weeks. I spent my time this morning watering the plot. I then harvested the last of my Tomatoes. Then I picked my First Winter Cabbage. The image shows the bare earth where my potatoes are waiting to be dug and in the back under the green mesh, my Brassica plants are doing very well.


What needs doing this month


  • Plan for new planting season, and order trees. Choose late-flowering varieties for frosty areas.
  • Cut down grass around established trees
  • Prepare storage areas for storing apples and pears
  • Pick fruit in cool conditions before fully mature
  • Complete summer pruning of apples and pears.
  • Harvest blackberries and loganberries, cut away old growth, and tie in new.
  • Prune well-trained peaches and tie in new shoots
  • Spray cherries
  • Pick plums and damsons and prune trees
  • Pick September fruiting raspberries
  • Protect autumn fruiting strawberries against birds and slugs and cover with cloches in cold weather


  • Lift Carrots and Beetroot and place in store.
  • Transplant Lettuce sown last month to cold frame for winter use.
  • Continue to earth up Celery.
  • String up Onions or put in storage in net bags.
  • Lift a few plants of Endive and place in a frame. Cover with pots to blanch them.
  • Test Main crop Potatoes to see if they are ready for lifting. This is done by digging up a tuber and rubbing the skin to see if has set. If the skin does not rub off easily the Potatoes are ready for lifting.
  • Gather all outdoor Tomatoes including the green ones before they are damaged by frost. The green fruits can be ripened indoors on a sunny windowsill.
  • Ensure that ripening Onions are kept dry. Place them in a cold frame if necessary.
  • Lift, dry and store Shallots.
  • Feed Leeks with a general fertiliser.
  • Place excess Marrows in store. A good way of storing them is to place them in net bags in a cool dry place.
  • Sow green manures for overwinter growing.
  • Onions should now be ready for lifting and ripening.
  • Continue to pick French and Runner beans so that they do not become stringy.
  • Continue to earth up celery a little at a time.
  • Pick sweet corn as soon as it is ready. If left too long it will not be as sweet and will be starchy.
  • If the haulm of main crop potatoes have died down, lift, dry and store the tubers to prevent attacks by slugs or blight spores.


  • Sow parsley and chervil to provide a spring crop
  • Divide and replant clumps bergamot
  • Under glass take cuttings of bay and rue
  • Take cuttings of lavender and protect with a frame or cloche


  • Overhaul heating equipment
  • Ventilate and water carefully, as this is important
  • Remove permanent shading
  • Harvest tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers and aubergines
  • Harvest Melons when ripe
  • Prick out lettuce
  • Check temperature changes in greenhouses containing ripening fruit
  • check for pests and disease
  • Harvest peaches and nectarines


  • Cut grass paths
  • check plant supports for movement
  • Keep weeds down by hoeing
  • watch for slugs and pests
  • Check seed catalogues for next years seed requirements
  • Order seeds